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Why Our Platform Is Nominated for the Platform of the Year Award


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Every year, SBC Awards observe the achievements of the entertainment industry's best operators, affiliates, suppliers, and payment providers. Parimatch Tech was nominated in the category "Platform Provider of the Year". Let's figure out key benchmarks for nomination in the case of Parimatch Tech.

What is the Platform Provider of the Year award? 

The "Platform Provider of the Year" award has been created to recognise the best standalone platform provider of 2022, servicing the sports betting industry. Industry experts from the SBC jury consider the provider's success, stability, flexibility and geographical reach.

Benchmark #1: synergy between business's ambitions and development 

As the core of Parimatch Tech's product, the Parimatch Platform serves 130 million daily transactions for 17 brands and over 20 apps.  

The Parimatch platform was born from the business's ambitions to grow faster and expand in new markets. For such purposes, the platform team developed its components less dependent on each other. 

The development of the Parimatch platform lasted less than two years, which is relatively fast compared to 3-4 years of development for competitors. A huge challenge was finishing the platform development and migrating users from the previous platform before the significant sports event. And Parimatch Tech teams did it — complete migration was ready just in time before the UEFA Euro 2020, which was postponed to June and July 2021.

Benchmark #2: stability of the services 

Parimatch Tech has nine R&D centres worldwide, where more than 1000 IT specialists cover the development and infrastructure support of the Parimatch platform entirely. 

Since the 1st day of the war in Ukraine, where the leading R&D centre is located, the company implemented an operation and infrastructure crisis plan. Thus, despite the danger of missile attacks in Kyiv, the end customers didn't feel any trouble with services.

The platform seamlessly serves 200,000 active users at the same time. The core processes 7,000 financial transactions per second, and at peak loads, this number reaches 20,000 transactions per second with a latency of 25 ms at 95 pt.

The company has built a notification system for incidents, automatically resolving some place bets issues or directly addressing them to the responsible specialist. Thanks to that system, the Mean time to repair (MTTP) for most business incidents is less than 30 min in 90.9% of cases.

Parimatch Tech integrates services of the well-known technological giants such as AWS, Google, Cloudflare, Salesforce, Betgenius, Betradar, and more to enable most tech services and enhance product quality. Furthermore, Parimatch Tech's data security ecosystem complies with PCI DSS worldwide standards, guaranteeing security mechanics' reliability.

The war in Ukraine forced Parimatch Tech to set a course for advanced business model diversification with global expansion. And our product is ready for that challenge because the Parimatch Platform was meant for that. Can't wait to test our infrastructure under growing peak loads.

Arthur Ashirov, CTO at Parimatch Tech.

Benchmark #3: flexibility 

Parimatch Tech uses a hybrid infrastructure approach, enabling it to host cloud and data centre infrastructure services. 

The Parimatch platform is always prepared for peak loads thanks to autoscaling based on AI predictions. As the result of the predictions and autoscaling, the platform handles all bet settlements at peak load times during top sports events without any downtimes.

Furthermore, the Parimatch Platform includes the content recommendation engine as the core part of a personalised gaming experience with an adaptive user interface. Build-in integrated experiment platform provides programmatically adjusting and tuning products to customers just in time.

Benchmark #4: Geographical reach

For example, Parimatch Tech's strategic partnerships with AWS, Google, Cloudflare, and Salesforce make it possible to provide company products to customers on every continent. For example, such solutions make it possible for businesses to operate in African countries as if the entire infrastructure is located on the African continent. 

The Parimatch platform serves the Parimatch Brand and company partners in Ukraine, India, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, and Tanzania. After the war in Ukraine began, Parimatch Tech withdrew its franchise and stopped platform operations on the territory of the Russian Federation. Moreover, Belorussian teams are no longer a part of Parimatch Tech holding, so the company stopped platform operations and withdrew the Parimatch brand from the Belorussian market.

This year together with Parimatch Tech were nominated Aspire Global, BETCONSTRUCT, PLAYTECH, OpenBet, Digitain and other prominent industry suppliers. The SBC Awards 2022 ceremony will take place on 22 September in Barcelona. It is a worth noticing event for all who are interested in betting and gambling industry development.

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