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To Be Greater Tomorrow: April Platform Updates


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Vadim Steckler
Vadim Steckler

Technical writer at GR8 Tech

Fresh out of the oven, another batch of platform updates is ready to serve. This time, there is a huge pack for GR8 Sportsbook and some for GR8 Casino and CRM. Other updates remain for internal usage.

GR8 Sportsbook

Cricket Matches in Bet Builder

We are thrilled to announce that our Bet Builder product is now available for cricket betting. You can use it to place bets on both Pre-match and Live T20 matches, just in time for the Indian Premier League. With this feature, you can create your own unique combinations within the same match.

We are excited to see our players' bets on their custom-crafted combinations. Additionally, we are constantly processing feedback, improving our mathematical models, and expanding the list of Bet Builder markets.

Bet Amount Recommendation Model in Betslip

Currently, operators set a single default bet amount for all players on their platform, which is not personalized and lacks analytical research. We recommend implementing personalized bet amounts on each player's betslip to increase player engagement and activity. This approach encourages players to bet more, resulting in a higher Median Bet Amount.

This model has been designed specifically for our client and is available for integration or A/B testing in Q2. When implemented, the system will provide a list of recommended bet amounts for both single and multiple bets.

If other operators or platforms express interest in the Bet Amount Recommendation model, we can customize and deploy it to suit their specific data and requirements.

First Bet Onboarding

Our latest platform update includes an enhanced First Bet onboarding feature available on the main page and across multiple screens. With this new update, players can enjoy a seamless onboarding experience regardless of where they are on our platform. Whether they are exploring various live events, accessing specific sports, or delving deep into some events, our onboarding process will guide them every step of the way. 

Key features of this update include: 

  • Access to the onboarding feature on various screens (live of any sport, home page, and event view) 
  • Ability to change the onboarding settings in GrowthBook per brand and user. 

This update will enhance the user experience and make the onboarding process smoother and more efficient.

Redesign of Sport Onboarding on Web 

We are excited to announce the redesign of our Sport Onboarding feature on the Web. Our main objective is to enhance user engagement by incorporating several key improvements into the onboarding process, which is now more flexible, informative, and customizable than ever before.

🎯 Seamless Integration with Redesign Components 

One of the significant enhancements we have made is that the onboarding feature can now be used alongside overview redesign components. This eliminates the need for operators to choose between redesigning their interface or implementing the onboarding process. Hence, players can now enjoy a visually appealing interface and a seamless onboarding experience simultaneously.

➡️ Enhanced User Guidance and Content Discovery 

Our redesigned onboarding process includes comprehensive step-by-step explanations that guide users through the platform’s features and functionality. We have also introduced informative tooltips that provide valuable insights into each market, empowering users to make informed decisions and engage more effectively with our platform.

🎨 Customizable Color 

We understand that every operator has a unique brand identity; hence, we have made it possible for operators to recolor the onboarding feature to match the color scheme of their main interface. This level of customization ensures a consistent and visually pleasing user journey, reinforcing the operator’s brand identity and creating a seamless transition from onboarding to actual usage.

If certain regions have already utilized the old onboarding process, they will now have access to the new onboarding system on their platform. All brands with an overview, either fully or partially, will have the option to enable the new onboarding process. While setting up the overview A/B test for brands, we will also introduce the new onboarding to players.

Odds Booster 

We are excited to introduce a game-changing feature to our sportsbook B2B platform: Odds Booster. This innovative feature enhances user experience by highlighting events and markets with low margins, offering increased value and opportunities for our users.

Key points:

  • Visible low margins: With Odds Booster, players will easily spot low-margin odds on our platform, ensuring they get the best bet value.
  • Customizable highlighting: Operators can now highlight specific sports, tournaments, events, or even individual markets with specific periods within an event, making it easier for users to find and engage with these high-value opportunities.
  • Variety of highlighting options: We offer different highlighting versions, including green or no background, allowing operators to tailor the display to match their brand’s aesthetic and user preferences.
  • Encouraging user engagement: The new Odds Booster label is designed to attract users to enter events and explore all markets with low margins, driving engagement and increasing user satisfaction.

Adding Teams to Custom Pages 

It is now possible to add teams, categories, and tournaments to custom pages. Once a team is added, the page will display all the events grouped by the tournaments in which the team participates. You can combine different tournaments, categories, and teams on one page. Operators can get this feature by request.

GR8 Casino

We are pleased to share that we have developed new recommendation models for casinos. These models provide operators with enhanced widget personalization options, adding more value to their services. However, please note that these models are currently accessible only through API and will be integrated into the GR8 Platform soon.

Casino Top Providers Recommendation Model

This model ranks Providers by their relevance to the player. There is also a possibility of filtering providers by casino product types. The model can be sorted by: 

  • Trend: based on bet count per each provider,

  • Margin: based on margin value multiplied by the count of unique players

  • Trend-margin parameter: a combination of the previous two as adding scores with weights.

Recommendation of Casino Categories (trending model) 

We have developed a new model for sorting Casino Categories based on current trends. This model suggests a general order of categories for each brand based on the popularity of the casino games included within them. Please note that this model does not customize categories for individual players.

Games with Wagering Recommendation Model 

We've got some games with wagering that can help operators meet the requirements to withdraw bonuses. If operators want only these kinds of games, we use a parameter called “only_wagering.” We can set it to “true” to provide only games with wagering available. We also have another parameter called “contribution_factor,” which helps operators pick games with the right wagering percentage (10, 20, 25, or 100). That way, our clients can find only the games with the proper wager contribution.

Early Trend Casino Games Recommendations 

We have also developed a model for Early Trend Casino Games Recommendations. This model determines new casino games that are currently not trendy but are showing signs of gaining popularity. Operators can use it to rank new games for the “NEW” category.


Improved Freebet Design 

We have made an improvement to the Freebet page in the Promo Lobby. A new block has been added to display information about the required bet for users to qualify for a Freebet. This block is generated in the third step of the Journey Builder process, using data extracted from the Bet Activity.

Journey Builder Improvements

⚙️ Visual Settings Content Localization for Bonuses 

We have improved the Visual Settings functionality in Journey Builder by allowing translation of the default text into various languages. This update can save CRM operators significant time during Promotion setup since most of the text is already prepared.

⛔️ Cancel Promotion During Wagering 

A new feature has been added to the bonus system that allows players to cancel promotions while they are still fulfilling bonus wagering requirements. This feature is now available for both Casino and Sports promotions.

Default settings:

  • The Cancel in Wagering option is disabled by default. Players can only cancel promotions before bonus wagering starts.
  • The parameter Cancel in Wagering is not configurable in journey activities (Sports Bonus, Casino Bonus, and Casino Freebet).

Configuration options:

Through a configuration request, operators can adjust settings for each brand, including:

  • Default cancellation behavior for players during bonus wagering.
  • Parameter availability in journey activities. If enabled, users can modify the default value for each new bonus.

Player control:

Players can cancel promotions themselves during bonus wagering or when using Casino Freebet.

Of course, that's not all. Our team has been working diligently to implement minor and major hidden-from-sight updates that upgrade each platform module and ensure our client's performance is at its peak.

🔎 If you have any questions about our features, please drop a comment below. ⬇️⬇️⬇️


If your platform isn't updated regularly, it's time to move on. Contact our team to consult about solutions that fit your business model and can lead to its peak performance. Don't waste time and opportunities.

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