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GR8 Platform Digest: January Updates


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Vadim Steckler
Vadim Steckler

Technical Writer at GR8 Tech

So, the holidays are over. Let's get back to business. This month has been packed with innovations to improve the player experience, introduce new functionalities, and refine existing features. Here's a glimpse of what we've been working on.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Journey Builder enhancements

Payment methods as criteria for the Deposit activity

We have introduced an exciting new feature in Journey Builder that allows you to create more targeted and personalized experiences for your player by specifying payment methods as criteria for the Deposit activity.

Benefits of this feature include:

  • Issuing bonuses based on Deposit methods
  • Encouraging players to use specific payment methods by offering tailored bonuses
  • Ability to craft bonus offers that are relevant to the payment methods that are beneficial for your region.

Here are some important details about this feature:

  • The Payment Method parameter has been added to the Deposit activity.
  • By default, all available payment methods will be applicable to each currency.
  • Users can select specific payment methods. At a minimum, users are required to select at least one payment method for each currency used in their journey.
  • All your existing journeys are fully compatible with this new feature.
  • Existing Deposit activities will have the default value set as the Payment system parameter (All).

Manually add a player to the Casino bonus

In case of bonus issues, instead of replaying the entire journey scenario, you can now directly include a player in the Casino bonus step. To use this feature, navigate the journey flow and click on the player addition icon in the Casino Bonus activity.

Add player to journey regardless of re-entry mode

We've removed the previous restrictions for manual player addition. Now, you can bypass limits set during the journey's creation. If an attempt to add a player triggers a relevant limit, the system will display a warning, allowing you to choose whether to proceed with adding the player.

Enhancements to Sports Bonus activities

Based on operator feedback, we have implemented a few updates to the Sports Bonus activities.

Enhanced Details in Bonus Activity Logs

In the Wagered event, we've added information about when the last bets were settled and when wagering was completed. This includes:

  • Bets settled in the main time.
  • Bets settled during prolongation time.

In the Issued event, we've incorporated details such as:

  • Bonus rate: {***}
  • Prolongation duration, days: {***}

Optional field in Bet Condition Activity

The field Min. total odds in a parlay have been made optional.

Default value in Activity Bonus

In the Activity Bonus, a default value of 7 days has been added to the Days for prolongation field. This is a reminder that prolongation refers to the additional time given to obtain the results of unsettled 'bonus' bets after the wagering period. These bets are counted in the wager amount, regardless of whether they result in a loss or a win.

Information hints and title changes

We've included informative hints and modified some titles to enhance clarity and user experience.

Algorithm enhancements

Enhancements have been made to the algorithms governing the display of paths and their intersections on the journey flow. These improvements are designed to facilitate a more seamless interaction with the journey, particularly in complex scenarios.

Engagement Hub / Gamification

Fair Play segments in Gamification back-office

 This release introduces Sport and Casino Fair Play segments to replace Risk Levels in the Gamification back-office. 

Managers can now use Fair Play to create allow or disallow lists for GAM features, providing a more customized and controlled experience. Effective December 27th, the main restriction list for Gamification has been updated. Users with negative Fair Play segments cannot access Gamification on the site. Managers can adjust these settings for their brand. This update replaces the previous use of negative Risk Levels to restrict users from GAM.

Fair Play segments in banner and prediction (+multi-number prediction)

This release extends Fair Play Segments (Sport, Casino, and Business) to replace Risk Levels in banners and predictions, including multi-number prediction. All existing features will continue to work with Risk Levels, but new items and drafts will now operate with Fair Play.

Player Account Management (PAM)

Loss Limits

We continually enhance our platform with a focus on Responsible Gambling to ensure it complies with all contemporary licensing and regulatory standards. To this end, we have introduced a new self-limitation feature – Loss Limits. This functionality allows players to set a maximum loss amount; placing further sports or casino bets becomes impossible upon reaching this limit. Players can set their loss limit via the My Account Menu under the Responsible Gambling section, specifying the desired time period and amount.

Like deposit limits, players have the flexibility to modify their loss limit. However, if they opt to increase it, a pending period will be enforced before the change takes effect. Management of these loss limits is accessible in the Back Office (BO Natasha and UBO), where operators can view, modify, or remove them.

The platform offers various configurable options:

  • Types of loss limits: Players can set distinct limits for sports bets and casino bets or a general limit encompassing both.
  • A list of selectable sums for player convenience.
  • A pending period for the previous limit's validity when the limit is raised.

Moreover, players can set suitable limits (loss or deposit limits) during the registration phase, provided this feature is activated.

Additional platform configurations include:

  • Configuring the types of limits (loss or deposit) available at the registration stage.
  • Setting the mandatory nature of each limit type.
  • Offering an optional step during registration to set these limits.

These features are available across various platforms: Web/Mobile, iOS, and Android.


Custom Page Sorting

We are excited to present you with a new feature — Custom Page Sorting — that allows you to insert custom pages within the sports menu at specific positions.

There are two sorting options in this feature:

  1. Arrange a custom page by specifying its sort order (e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4).
  2. Place a custom page before or after a selected sport or another custom page.

To use Custom Page Sorting, operators can request the creation of a new custom page in Jira. During this request, they should specify the custom page's sort order or whether it should appear before or after a specific sport or custom page.

Betting experience enhancements

Improvements have been made in betslip to make the betting process more user-friendly and intuitive:

  • Balance is now always displayed in the betslip: The player's current balance is now displayed directly below the field for entering a bet amount. This allows you to quickly assess your available funds, minimizing errors and the need to switch between tabs.
  • Clear “Not enough money” error message: If the bet amount exceeds the available funds, the bet amount field will be highlighted in red, and a clear error message displaying the available amount will appear beneath it. This makes the error information more visible and understandable.

The total balance (main + blocked + bonus funds) is displayed by default. If players have bonus money and wish to use it, or if they intend to bet all their bonuses but can only use a portion, the available balance for those specific bets will be shown after a back-end request. This mechanism remains unchanged from the previous versions.


Freebet for instant games

We are pleased to announce that a new bonus mechanic, Freebet for instant games, has been added to our casino portfolio!

Key features:

  • Configuration of bonus campaigns for instant games in Eva BO
  • Bonuses are available for activation in the new promo section in the Instant Games lobby
  • Information on wagering is available for players to monitor their bonus play-through progress

Currently, the Freebet bonus can be set up for Spribe, and the list of available providers will be expanded gradually. In fact, we are ready to launch Smartsoft very soon.

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