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GR8 Platform Digest: November Updates


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Yaroslav Ulianov
Yaroslav Ulianov

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Welcome to our monthly Platform Digest, where we bring you the latest enhancements and features on our platform. This month has been packed with innovations to improve the player experience, introduce new functionalities, and refine existing features. Here's a glimpse of what we've been working on.

Bet Builder

Bet Builder is an opportunity for a player to create a unique combination of markets within one match. The coefficient of such a combination is also unique and is calculated according to the markets selected by the player.

The main advantage of our solution is that Bet Builder is our own development and a full-fledged part of our product, not an integrated 3rd party product. This allows:

  • Increase profit by adding margin in combinations
  • It is as fast, simple, and clear as possible for the player to create combinations they are interested in, which not all competitors on the market have.
  • Full control over the algorithms and the ability to change them according to our needs, expanding the possibilities by sports, markets, limits, coefficients, etc.

Where do we start our Bet Builder story?

  • Football. Top championships. Main markets for the match.
  • WEB only
  • Ability to create combinations for Pre-match and Live.

What's next?

  • Running a test for our players and collecting feedback.
  • Adding the possibility to place bets with Bet Builder on iOS and Android.
  • Expanding the list of markets and sports that are possible for Bet Builder (soccer halves, individual player markets, cricket).
  • Prediction of the possible Bet Builder odds in the line.

Gamification Updates

We now have more opportunities and flexibility to customize gamification to suit the player’s needs. Operations managers now have more freedom in customization, and the process itself has become more convenient.

Quest Progress display enhancement

This enhancement specifically aims at quests with intricate conditions requiring actions over several days or consecutively daily.

Key highlights:

  • Overall Quest Progress: Players can now track their overall success in completing the entire quest. This provides a comprehensive view of their progress toward achieving the quest’s ultimate objectives.
  • Daily Progress: The daily progress is now presented separately, offering insights into how effectively players meet each day's condition. This detailed view enables players to monitor their daily accomplishments more efficiently.
  • Variables: In setting up content for “daily” conditions, variables have been added to optimize the launch process. (Current Day / Needed Day / Current Amount / Needed Amount—due to Quest set up)

With these updates, players can better understand complex quest requirements, empowering them to complete these challenges successfully.

Priority of Condition Execution in Gamification

Starting from this release, managers can configure the Priority of condition execution to determine which conditions will be executed first for their brand.

When creating Conditions, a new field called Intersection Rule has been added. This option has two values:

  • Single: To count the execution of this condition once according to priority.
  • All: To count the execution of this condition in all instances where it is used.

Settings for priorities between entities are available in the Currencies section under the Priorities tab. Managers will need to select the Entity Type and specify its priority, starting from 1. For example:

Entity Type: Quest - Priority: 1
Entity Type: Achievement - Priority: 2
Entity Type: StickerBook - Priority: 3

This means that when a condition is met, it will be counted once in Quest as the highest priority.

Quest execution priority

In the quest configuration, a new field called Priority has been introduced. When creating quests with identical conditions, CRM managers can now specify a Priority to determine which quest should be credited with the condition execution first. The field can contain a numerical value, where 1 represents the highest priority. The default value is 1 for all Quests.

After the release, all conditions will work without requiring changes. You can use the Priority logic or make changes as needed for future entities that will be launched.

Navigation Bar

Our Navigation Bar is a module used in the mobile web platform to provide basic navigation for the users. It offers a place to display a title, which helps the players orient themselves on the page. It can also include controls that impact the content below it.

Available predefined Navigation Bar types:

  • Main level: responsible for the Main page
  • 1st level: one level below (e.g., Sport, Casino, Main Menu, etc.)
  • 2nd level: pages that follow the first level (e.g., Slots for Casino) and subpages
  • Event: event pages (e.g., Game Displays)
  • Content: responsible for Content pages
  • Hidden: is used when you want to hide the entire Navigation Bar for a page

Navigation Bar supported items:

  • Brands’ Logo and Medal (Award)
    • CTA Buttons: Deposit (for logged-in players), Registration, Login (for non-logged-in players)
    • Icons and their functions: My Bets, Notifications, Favorites, Filtering, Sharing, Refreshing, Balance Hiding, Support, Info Icon, Deletion, and more.
    • Unified Search (covers all products, including Sports and Casino)
  • Language Switcher

This release offers the ability to customize the navigation bar.

Additional updates

  • Payment History iOS: Redesign is complete. Activation can be done via the feature toggle.
  • Auth Modules Android: Redesign is complete. This includes the registration, login, password recovery, and verification pages. 
  • Menu Updates Web: Added the ability to create compact items. Previously, we faced issues with certain menu items not being visible to players in the new menu. This may help address that.
  • Balances Auto Update iOS: Balances now update in real-time on the latest iOS app version.

Player Account Management (PAM)

Customizable registration

Operators are often provided with registration forms with a fixed set of fields. But depending on the region of operation, the required fields may change. That’s why we implemented a customizable registration. 

The system allows us to easily add or remove new fields to the registration form and configure their validation for further player journeys. Changing the configuration of the relevant registration forms is all that's needed. After adding new fields, it will also be available in the player's profile and the back office.

With this feature, our clients can increase player acquisition by customizing registration forms based on regional requirements without additional development.

Single Bet to Express Redesign

To further enhance the gaming experience, we constantly create new mechanics that encourage players to place more parlay bets. By doing so, we not only increase player engagement and excitement but also enable operators to maintain a predictable margin.

When a player adds an outcome to their betslip, the system checks if it is included in other players' popular parlay bets. If the outcome is included in popular parlay bets, the system selects the most popular one and provides the player with the other parlay outcomes as recommendations.

  Single Bet to Express on desktop
Single Bet to Express on desktop

This functionality is designed to achieve several benefits:

  • Increase the percentage of parlay bets in the total turnover of bets.
  • Attract new players to parlay bets.
  • Simplify the process of placing parlay bets for both newcomers and advanced players.

💡 More on how parlay bets affect the gross gaming revenue in our recent article: Maximizing Parlay Bets: The Path to Increased Betting Turnover

During testing, Single Bet to Express resulted in a 4.7% increase in the share of parlay bets in turnover for brands with a high share of parlay bets and a 33% increase for brands with a low share of parlay bets.

Our plans for this feature include:

  • Increasing recommendation coverage.
  • Improving the relevance of recommendations.
  • Boosting margins by increasing the length of parlay bets.

Recommendation Model Updates

Our AI-driven recommendation model seamlessly delivers data through an API, enabling teams to connect and use the received insights to personalize players' services. This recommendation model has been boosted with a new block designed for search, enhancing its capabilities even further. 

If no results are found, players will see the top events suggested by our recommendation model. 
If no results are found, players will see the top events suggested by our recommendation model. 

Furthermore, we've bolstered our models to collaborate effectively with smaller brands. Historically, accumulating data to identify trending events for newly established brands was time-consuming. However, our AI Team has implemented optimizations that enhance the efficiency of our models in pinpointing trends. Consequently, new brands now swiftly receive tailored event recommendations.

💡 More on how GR8 Tech develops AI-powered recommendation models in our recent article: AI in iGaming: A Look into Machine Learning and Personalized Gaming Experiences

That wraps up the latest updates from GR8 Tech. As we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, it's not just about enhancements; it's about transforming your iGaming journey. Our commitment to providing a seamless, personalized, and cutting-edge gaming experience remains unwavering.

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