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GR8 Platform Digest: December Updates


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Vadim Steckler
Vadim Steckler

Technical Writer at GR8 Tech

Welcome to our monthly Platform Digest, where we bring you the latest enhancements and features on our platform. This month has been packed with innovations to improve the player experience, introduce new functionalities, and refine existing features. Here's a glimpse of what we've been working on.

Product Platform


We are excited to introduce our latest development ‚Äď the Wallet Module. We have successfully launched the initial version, featuring the¬†Wallet¬†page and¬†Payment history¬†widget. In the upcoming stages, we have plans to enhance this module further by introducing additional exciting components, including the¬†My Cards¬†widget and the¬†Bonuses¬†widget.

Financial statistics

Our latest development, the Financial Statistics feature, enables users to easily track their financial activity over a specified time frame, including:

  • The total amount wagered during the chosen period
  • The total winnings or losses incurred during the selected time frame

We believe that this functionality will enhance our platform's overall user experience and facilitate our entry into new markets where such features are required for obtaining licenses.


Display rules enhancement

Now, there is no need to configure display rules for individual menu sections for each user separately.

Instead, you can use the Condition Rules section to consolidate a list of criteria into one group. This group can include such factors as the user's login status, VIP status, any combination of AMS categories, currencies, clusters, and languages.

With this group of rules, you can control the visibility of the necessary sections and items.

Configurable error pop-up on the Login page

The standard error pop-up, triggered when a user encounters an issue during login, can now be fully customized. You can modify the error description, button text, and associated links in order to guide users towards meaningful actions. 

Geo-targeted currency for registration by social network accounts

For brands that offer registration with multiple currencies, it is now possible to assign specific currencies to particular regions when registering via a social account.

Navigation improvements: Web-to-app banner

We have recently released the first version of our in-house developed web-to-app banner, designed to convert web users into native app users. Among other things, it allows users to download your brand app right from the login and/or registration page.

Player Account Management (PAM) 

Player self-restriction: infinite login limitation

We have introduced the ability for players to impose an indefinite and permanent self-restriction on their login activity. Now, players can set this extended limitation period through the metadata settings in the back office. This enhancement is available for both Web and Mobile platforms.

Responsible gambling elements added to Login and Registration pages

We have incorporated responsible gambling elements, such as images and text, into the footer of the Login and Registration pages. These elements may be required in certain countries or regions to promote responsible gaming. Customization of these elements can be done by integrating suitable images into Strapi. This feature is accessible for both Web and Mobile platforms.

Player Profile updates

Players can now use the Security Settings section to access information about their last login, including the date, IP address, and country. This enhancement is available for both Web and Mobile platforms.

The Personal Data page for Android users has been redesigned based on Modulor principles. We have included an icon to copy the account number and a pencil icon for editing fields (if permitted by brand settings). This design revamp is available for Android and both Web and Mobile platforms.

Journey Builder enhancements

Customizing entry limitations for player journeys

When setting the journey parameter entry limitation ‚ÄúPlayer is allowed to enter the journey maximum _ time(s),‚ÄĚ users can now specify the period during which the restriction applies. The following options are available:

  • Per day

  • Per week

  • Per month

  • Per year

  • Timely unlimited (remains in effect until the end of the journey life cycle)

At the end of the specified period, this restriction is reset and starts again until the journey ends. The default restriction for new journeys is set to ‚ÄúPlayer is allowed to enter a journey a maximum of 10 times per day.‚ÄĚ

Web Push activity enhancement 

With the new version of the Web Push activity, you can fully configure your communication channels directly within Journey Builder, eliminating the need to interact with other back offices.

This activity is equipped with all the necessary parameters to set up your communication effectively. Additionally, we've incorporated a preview feature across various browsers, allowing you to visualize your future communications.

These enhancements are designed to streamline your workflow and provide a seamless experience when setting up Web Push notifications.

Other enhancements 

  • Users can now manually add players to the Casino bonus in Journey builder. In case of bonus issues, this solution allows you to add a player directly to the Casino bonus step without the need to replay the entire journey scenario. To use this feature, navigate to the journey flow and click on the player addition icon in the Casino Bonus activity.

  • We've removed restrictions when manually adding a player to a journey. You can now bypass limits set during the journey's creation. If an attempt to add a player triggers a relevant limit, the system will display a warning, allowing you to choose whether to proceed with adding the player.

  • Enhancements have also been made to the algorithms that control the display of paths and their intersections on the journey flow. These improvements are designed to facilitate a more seamless interaction with the journey, especially in complex scenarios.

CRM REA Back-Office

Fair Play Segments in Randomizer (Fortune Wheel)

In this release, we are introducing Fair Play Segments (Sport, Casino, and Business) to replace Risk Levels in the Randomizer (Fortune Wheel).

Now, all user settings, including Fair Play segments, CSV, or User ID, operate with an "OR" logic. This means that if a user is listed in at least one segment, the Randomizer will be available to them.

We have also improved the behavior of the Randomizer widget in the Promo Lobby. After a user spins the Fortune Wheel and receives a bonus, the Randomizer widget will now navigate to the Bonus History page.

These updates enhance the Randomizer's functionality, making it more user-friendly and introducing Fair Play Segments for a more diverse experience. Users can now access the Randomizer based on their segment inclusion.

CRM Back-Office (BO) Gamification updates

Select journey by external system API in BO Instead of manual input 

When a manager selects a brand/currency and type (Journey Builder bonus) for Campaigns setup in Gamification BO, there is no need anymore for manual input in the Journey ID field. BO will display relevant Journeys with their descriptions in a drop-down menu, allowing the manager to make a choice.

Additionally, a search by ID or name has been added to the Journey list. 

Dynamic tournament points improvement

We have introduced an enhancement to Gamification Tournaments Quests, enabling users to earn points based on the number of their actions (such as deposits, bets, or spins) rather than a static number of points.

How it works:

As a manager on Gamification BO, you can now create conditions for Tournament Quests where users will receive points for each action (bet, deposit, spin) they complete.

In Tournament Quests, you will need to choose the Scoring type > Amount and set the value for 1 point per amount. 

Once a user fulfills the quest condition, they will receive points proportionate to the action taken based on the quest settings.


For every $100 deposit, users will receive 1 point.

Users who make a $1000 deposit will receive 10 points.


Time Stages for Custom Pages

We are excited to introduce a highly anticipated feature ‚ÄstTime Stages for Custom Pages. With this enhancement, events displayed on custom pages are no longer presented as a single list. Instead, you now have the option to categorize them using stage filters, including:

  • Live

  • All upcoming

This simple yet effective addition is designed to streamline the client's navigation on the page, making it easier for them to promptly locate their desired events.

Here's a quick overview of how it works:

  1. The operator initiates a request in Jira to create a new custom page, completing the usual seven steps.

  2. As part of this new update, an additional eighth step has been introduced, where the operator specifies whether the Visible Stage Filter is turned On or Off.

The Time Stages for Custom Pages feature is available in the updated Modulor design and is accessible on the WEB platform.

That wraps up the latest updates from GR8 Tech. As we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, it's not just about enhancements; it's about transforming your iGaming journey. Our commitment to providing a seamless, personalized, and cutting-edge gaming experience remains unwavering.

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