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GR8 Platform Digest: February Updates


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Vadim Steckler
Vadim Steckler

Technical Writer at GR8 Tech

The final winter update has arrived! This month, we've introduced new features, refined existing ones, and made some innovations to improve the player experience. Let's dig deeper.

GR8 CRM: Journey Builder enhancements

Test-Control Group

The Test-Control Group functionality is a major update that makes it easier for CRM managers to isolate players from other journeys, improve the accuracy of their tests, and track their results more effectively.

Key changes

  • Test-Control Group has been moved from Activities to the Journey settings.
  • Players who are assigned to the Control group will be isolated from other journeys. This means that if the Control group is enabled in the CRM manager's journey, players entering such a journey will not enter other journeys. Conversely, players in other journeys where the Control group is enabled will not enter the CRM manager's journey.
  • A CRM manager can ignore the Control group of other journeys. It’s useful if you want to make mass communication to all players on the platform.

Additional changes

  • Known issues with the Test or Control group have been fixed.
  • The logic for assigning players to the Test or Control group has been improved for recurring journeys.
  • The distributing algorithm for players between groups has been improved.
  • Calculation performance has been improved when adding players to journeys with the Control group enabled.

These changes will not affect existing journeys, but we recommend CRM managers relaunch existing journeys with Test-Control activity in them. This will improve journey performance, and data analysis, and give us the opportunity to retire outdated services.

Deposit priority upgrade

We have revamped the logic governing deposit conditions priorities within promotions built through journey builders.

The logic includes additional conditions (similar to sports bets), such as:

  • Check activity type
  • Check the time of acceptance of the promotion
  • Check the start time of the activity for the player

GR8 Sportsbook: Bet Builder For iOS and Android

We're excited to share some great news about Bet Builder! We've now expanded the feature to Android and iOS, offering you an opportunity to attract even more customers!

Bet Builder on Android
Bet Builder on iOS

GR8 Casino: New Contract Structure

We are thrilled to announce a big update and introduce you to a new contract structure formerly known as Setup. This update marks a big shift in how operators interact with online gaming providers in BO, streamlining the process and enhancing user experience.

Key changes

  • Simplified provider selection: Operators will now see a tailored list of providers specific to their brand under the Providers tab. This change addresses the previous challenge where operators encountered an overwhelming and sometimes confusing list of all providers and setups in the system.
  • Intuitive connection process: Providers listed under the Providers tab are not automatically connected to a brand; they are potential connections. To initiate a connection, operators simply click the eye icon next to a provider, triggering a popup displaying all available provider contracts. After selecting the desired contract and clicking 'save', the provider will be connected to their brand and displayed for end users.
  • Enhanced user experience: This update streamlines connecting providers to brands, greatly improving the user experience.

What does it bring to the table?

  • Operational efficiency: This update cuts down on the operational work involved in setting up new contracts for brands.
  • Improved UX: By simplifying the provider selection and connection process, we enhance the overall user experience for operators.
  • Better clarity and stability: Tailoring the list of available providers to each brand minimizes the likelihood of confusion and mistakes.

GR8 Payment Gateway

New widget: Payment

Exciting news that's been anticipated for a while is finally here – introducing our brand new Payment Widget! Say goodbye to the Cashier and welcome Demeter! But what's the buzz all about?

  • Demeter fits perfectly with the design of the GR8Tech platform system (Modulor).
  • Preparing the Payment Gateway won't interfere with the launch of new projects anymore! With Demeter, deployment is five times faster, specifically in terms of configurations handled by our operational team.
  • In Demeter, we've made the payment process simpler compared to Cashier. We've combined the steps of entering the amount and payment details for a more user-friendly experience.
  • In Demeter,  Clickstream events coverage and data quality exceed a remarkable 99.95%.
  • Demeter has already been launched on one of the projects and tested in production.

Mark your calendars! Cashier will be phased out by March 31, 2024, with all new features exclusively implemented for Demeter. Its end-of-life is slated for August 31, 2024.

Check out these screenshots of the new Payment Widget showing the design and improved funnel, which are available now in our customer reports.

Customizable user fees

Our latest development enables operators to add an extra fee for users when they deposit or withdraw money. This feature can be set up differently for each brand they operate, and they can adjust it separately for different payment methods.

For example, let's say a user withdraws $100 to a bank card, and there's a 5% fee from the Payment Provider, which equals $5. That means the user gets $95. But the operator could decide to charge a 15% fee instead. In that case, the user would only get $85, and the operator would make an extra $10.

This User fee feature has multiple uses. It can help guide users towards payment methods that are better for the operator, like crypto instead of cards. Although introduced in 2023, not all operators use this option. We're here to inform our valued clients about this opportunity.

Project-specific minimum deposit limits

Until recently, there was a significant issue with minimum deposit limits being linked to Payment Providers. This resulted in changes to the minimum limit on one project being automatically applied to all projects using the same Payment Provider.

For instance, let's consider Brand X and Brand Y, both using the same payment method supported by one Payment Provider. If Brand X has a minimum limit of $10, which is below the average transaction amount, and we deliberately set it lower for Brand X, it wouldn't be suitable for Brand Y. If we set it to $50, it would be too high for Brand Y, leading to a decrease in deposits and active players.

To address this, we've made minimum limit settings specific to each project (brand). Now, Brand X can set a minimum limit of $50, while Brand Y can have a limit of $10 for the same payment method.

Dynamic payment recommendations

Our clients operate in diverse and often volatile markets where Payment Providers frequently adjust their conditions. This can lead to significant changes, particularly in payment limits, affecting the recommendations made by the Payment Widget.

To address this, we've revamped how these recommendations are calculated, introducing a cascade solution. Here are some details:

The recommended amounts feature buttons with pre-selected sums in the Payment Widget during the sum entry stage. This feature now offers three configuration options:

  • Personalized amount blocks: Calculated by a formula individual for each client, considering their deposit history.
  • Static amount blocks: Set in the settings and displayed to the client during the sum entry stage.
  • Fallback amount blocks: Also calculated by a formula, serving as a backup in case of significant changes in payment limits that make personalized or static amounts irrelevant.

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