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Welcome Spring With GR8 Platform Digest: March Updates


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Vadim Steckler
Vadim Steckler

Technical writer at GR8 Tech.

Certain things happen regularly: the Sun rises and sets, seasons change, tides come and go, and our digests are published monthly. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure about the seasons anymore, so let's go back to product updates.

GR8 Sportsbook

Partnership with Abios 

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Abios, a leading esports data and statistics provider. Starting from March 1st, all our clients will have access to Abios' extensive range of e-sport statistics widgets. This collaboration will enable you to provide up-to-date and precise information for Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends, and Valorant matches, both before and during the game. This ensures that you can maintain the quality of your services without any disruption.

Bet Builder

Bet Builder, now with FreeSpin bonus mechanics, is available on the mobile web. It will soon be available on iOS and Android.

Non-fixed Bonus Rate 

Players can now use any bonus funds to place bets, even if their account balance is not sufficient to maintain the original Bonus Rate when participating in wagering. If the player’s account balance is enough to place a bet at the original proportions, the Bonus Rate will remain unchanged. 

After the bet is settled, the winnings will be charged in the same proportions as the account balances used to place the bet.

How it used to be:

Players could use bonus funds for bets not higher than the original Bonus Rate proportions.

For example, if a player had $50 on the locked + main balances and $100 on the bonus balance, and the Bonus Rate was 0.5, the maximum bet was $100 (locked + main balances = $50, bonus balance = $50), and they couldn’t place $150.

How it is now:

Players can use all the bonus money for a bonus bet if there are not enough of their own funds.

For example, if a player has $50 on the locked + main balances and $100 on the bonus balance, with the initial Bonus Rate being 0.5, the maximum bet is $150 (locked + main balances = $50, bonus balance = $100), and the actual Bonus Rate is 0.6667

To activate this feature for a particular brand, the operator must submit a request to change the Bonus Rate logic. Once approved, this adjustment will apply to the entire audience of that brand. 

⚠️ Before enabling this functionality, the operator must carefully assess the distinct features of gaming in their region and the potential risks of fraudulent activities and analyze how it will affect player behavior. 

⚠️ It is important to note that there are risks of fraud associated with this feature. Some players may try to conceal their funds by placing non-bonus bets on low-risk options or events that will take place far in the future. Then, after meeting the wagering requirements, these players could withdraw their funds through Cashout, taking advantage of the fact that the wagering rules only apply to the bonus amounts.

Bet History bonuses information

If a bet was placed and counted as part of a bonus promotion, or if a bonus was applied to the bet, this information will now be visible in the user’s Bet History. By default, this feature is available to all users for both Open and Settled bets.

We have added statuses for the following mechanics: Wagering, Insurance, Collecting, Bet Condition:

  • In open bets, the status will be “Tentative”.
  • In settled bets, the statuses will be either “Counted” or “Not Counted”.

We have made some updates to the Bet History section of our platform. Now, players can see the number of events counted and the actual percentage of the additional bonus for the Parlay Boost Bonus. Additionally, we have unified the display of all bonus mechanics and added text tooltips for each of them. These tooltips provide further information and a link to the general promo lobby page.

🎯 Our goal with these updates is to simplify the bonus usage process, making it more convenient and understandable for our players. We believe this will lead to an increase in bonus usage and a decrease in support workload. Moreover, we have unified the display of bonuses for all sports mechanics to provide a cohesive experience.


The AI Team upgraded a Sports Sections Recommendation Model to improve sports ranking and achieve optimal results.

⛔️ Previously, there was a correlation between the recommended sports sections and the suggested events. For instance, if a football match between Sheff Utd and Arsenal FC was prioritized in the recommendations, football as a sports section would also be given top priority.

☑️ We’ve revised our model with a user-centric approach, eliminating the previous dependencies. Going forward, our models are structured across different levels, such as sports, tournaments, and events. This approach, designed with your interests in mind, enables us to provide more precise recommendations for each level.

The Sports Section's Recommendation Model considers the latest trends, the number of unique players involved in each sport, the volume of bets placed on each sport, the preferences of individual players, and the popularity of teams participating in events. By analyzing these aspects, the model suggests sports sections most likely to appeal to users based on their interests and current trends.


Casino FreeSpin in the Journey Builder 

GR8 Casino and CRM Teams are excited to announce the integration of Casino FreeSpin with Journey Builder. CRM managers can now seamlessly incorporate FreeSpin bonuses into various Journey Builder campaigns.

Key benefits:

  • Increased engagement: Enticing offers to boost player engagement and loyalty. 
  • Strategic advantage: Competitive edge in the dynamic world of gambling.
  • New audience opportunities: new possibilities for audience attraction, expanding your influence.

🪄 AI Magic Wand

We are excited to introduce the AI Magic Wand, an addition to our CRM tools. This tool, trained on a vast dataset from our database, is designed to make text generation for your promotional campaigns a breeze. 

Some key features of the AI Magic Wand include: 

  • Creating compelling promotional communication is now a simple and convenient task with the AI Magic Wand. Just input a brand name, your desired prompt, and the type of communication you want. For instance, you can use the prompt 'Create a catchy message for a 20% discount on sports gear' and witness the magic unfold. 
  • The AI Magic Wand currently supports English, but our team is working on expanding its linguistic capabilities for future updates.

With the AI Magic Wand, we believe you'll experience a paradigm shift in how you create text for your promotional campaigns. 

 You can turn the draft into a ready-to-go message with AI Magic Wand.
You can turn the draft into a ready-to-go message with AI Magic Wand.

💡 Learn how our AI and ML models can boost your business. Check out our latest article: AI in iGaming: A Look into Machine Learning and Personalized Gaming Experiences.

Player Account Management

We remain committed to meeting compliance standards. The following features are now accessible on all platforms, including iOS and Android:

Responsible Gaming enhancements

  • Introduction of Loss Limits within the Player Profile.
  • Incorporation of Loss and Deposit Limits during the Registration process.


Detailed Financial Activity tracking

Display of Last Login Date and Time

Design and front-end client enhancements 

We've revamped our interfaces for a smoother user experience on iOS:

  • Redesigned Update Password Screen in Player Profile.
  • KYC (Know Your Customer) process now has a sleek new design and Modulor components, available in both standard and single-page workflows.


Of course, that's not all. Our team has been working diligently to implement minor and major hidden-from-sight updates that ensure responsible gambling practices are being met and our clients' performance is at its peak.

Stay tuned for more, and see you next month. 🏁

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