Profiling Bettors: How Women Make Bets


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Yaroslav Ulianov
Yaroslav Ulianov

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Understanding the Female Bettor Profile in the Sports Betting Industry

Conducting a demographic study for an Eastern European client led to an insightful investigation into the habits of female gamblers. It aimed to uncover the reasons behind the lower representation of women in gambling, understand their interests, apprehensions, stereotypes, and how this pastime influences their lives. During this study, it was also crucial to create a distinct persona for the female audience to enhance effective communication and tailor compelling offers.

Meet Anna: An Emblematic Female Gambler

Through in-depth interviews, we synthesized information to construct a prototypical profile, with Anna representing the composite image of this demographic.

Anna, aged 35, typically comes from suburban or small-town backgrounds, with a foundational education. Her life revolves around domestic responsibilities as a mother and with a modest family income, primarily shouldered by her husband. In online gambling, Anna seeks an escape from her everyday pressures and views it to earn extra income.

The Motivation Behind Anna’s Betting

For women like Anna, entering the betting world often stems from influences within their social circles, possibly driven by success stories shared by family members or friends who are avid sports fans.

Expressing their motivations, some women mentioned:

💬 “I was introduced to betting by a friend and was inspired to give it a try.”

💬 “A friend’s success story with a $2,000 win was my initial trigger to place bets.”

Anna was also captivated by compelling advertisements that portrayed betting as a lucrative endeavor, seducing her with the notion that others are making substantial gains:

💬 “The alluring advertisements create a sense of temptation. If people are winning, why not try my luck?”

Financial need also played a significant role in women’s betting. The requirement for additional income, particularly with a single-earning household, prompted their interest:

💬 “In our situation, where my husband is the primary earner and with financial constraints, I considered giving it a shot.”

Some women gamblers, much like Anna, associate sports betting with adventure and excitement, embracing the risk factor as part of the thrill:

💬 “I relish the participation and thrill; winning isn’t the goal, but the engagement is exciting.”

Anna’s Approach to Betting

In their betting endeavors, women like Anna often lack a defined strategy and predominantly rely on intuition rather than informed predictions:

💬 “I can’t properly explain my strategy; it’s more intuitive for me.”

Anna often discerned a pattern where lower odds correlated with higher chances of winning, reinforcing her reliance on intuition over coefficients:

💬 “In my experience, lower odds are more promising in terms of winning.”

As Anna becomes more familiar with the teams she wagers on, she makes more informed betting decisions:

💬 “As I become more familiar with teams, my bets get more strategic.”

In addition, she occasionally ventures into live betting, favoring teams in the lead to potentially yield more significant winnings:

💬 “In live betting, I prefer teams in the lead, offering a chance for substantial winnings.”

For increased confidence in her selections, the gambling lady consults with her husband, friends, or family to gain insights into team strengths and betting advice.

Anna’s Fears and Prejudices

To manage their betting activities, gambling women divide funds for betting and slots to ensure sound money management and restrict the risk of overspending:

💬 “I allocate a portion of my earnings for betting and slots, managing my expenditures judiciously.”

Gambling woman occasionally grapples with concerns about addiction, considering her family responsibilities:

💬 “The idea of partaking in games of chance seems conflicting with my responsibilities at my age.”

To regulate her betting habits, Anna has devised rules and rituals for her betting sessions:

💬 “When unsuccessful, I divert my attention to other activities, and when winning, I allow myself more spins.”

In Conclusion About Women and Sports Betting

  • Women gambling comprises a 10% segment of the Eastern European sports betting audience.
  • Female customers prefer more casual analysis of bets, often predicated on advice or intuition. They exhibit a receptivity to bookmaker recommendations.
  • The primary motivation for women is the prospect of additional income.
  • Sports selection for betting typically gravitates toward popular and comprehensible events, bolstered by a greater chance of comprehending the rules or getting advice.
  • Women’s experiences of betting are more cautious, sensing the responsibility of money spent, which could be used for their families.
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