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June GR8 Platform Updates


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Vadim Steckler
Vadim Steckler

Technical writer at GR8 Tech

Hot as summer days, June GR8 Platform Updates are here! Let's take a look at the new features available under the hood of our products.

🏀 GR8 Sportsbook

Here is a pack of updates aimed at improving the players' betting experience and positively affecting the revenue of our sportsbook clients.

Current Form and Head-to-Head Statistics 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest feature: Current Form and Head-to-Head statistics! This powerful addition enhances the betting experience by providing players with comprehensive information on competitors’ current form and previous encounters.

Key features:

  • Unique sources: Our statistics are generated in-house, ensuring unique and exclusive data that you won’t find on platforms like Flashscore (such as H2H comparison of two FIFA players with selected teams for this match). We cover everything from recent performance trends to detailed match histories.
  • Betting insights: Our H2H statistics offer valuable insights to help you make informed betting decisions. View win/draw/win statistics between competitors, giving you a clear picture of past performances and outcomes.
  • Dedicated tab for detailed information: Dive deeper with a dedicated tab showcasing comprehensive statistics for both competitors. This includes tournament details, scores, and dates. Plus, you can click on any event to navigate to its summary page for more information.
  • Prematch and In-Play availability: Whether you’re placing bets prematch or during in-play, our statistics are readily available. We also provide a compact solution for in-play events that ensures you stay informed without losing focus on the scoreboard.
  • Summary page access: The feature with finished events (summary page) is also available on the page, allowing you to review detailed post-match statistics and outcomes.

This feature is a game-changer for bettors, providing them with the crucial data needed to make more strategic and informed bets. We’re proud to offer these unique insights and continue enhancing players’ betting experience on our client’s platforms.

Asia View 

The Asia View feature is specifically designed to enhance our platform’s appeal in the Asian market. After extensive research and adaptation to industry standards, we have revamped the event card views to meet the unique preferences of Asian bettors.

Key features:

Two distinct views:

  1. All markets at once: This comprehensive view allows users to access up to six different markets for a specific event on one large card. The markets included are handicap, total, and winner for both full-time and current/first period.
  2. Single market focus: This compact view presents only one market per event card, enabling users to see more events on one screen without overwhelming them with information.

Optimized for quick access: 

The main market options for betting are prominently displayed, allowing users to quickly place bets without needing to dive deep into the event details or scroll through numerous markets.

The Asian total and handicap for football will have the first priority to display above the ordinary total and handicap.

Asia View is a testament to our commitment to innovation and user satisfaction. We believe this new feature will significantly enhance the betting experience for our Asian market players, providing them with the flexibility and information they need at their fingertips.

Extended Scoreboard for the European Championship

For the European Championship, we have released an extended scoreboard in the EventView card. We have added football statistics to the card, so now, in addition to the score, corners, red cards (RC), and yellow cards (YC) will also be displayed.

With this feature, bettors can see real-time data all in one window without switching to other sources. This should lead to more bets on statistics markets.

🎰 Casino 

Deposit Bonus for Instant Games 

Introducing a new product type—Instant Games—we now offer the ability to create Deposit Bonuses tailored explicitly to these games. This will expand our audience and enhance the gaming experience for players. This exciting feature presents endless possibilities for our casino operators, enabling them to seamlessly integrate attractive bonuses directly into the gaming experience, boosting player engagement and retention.

The user-friendly interface of Journey Builder allows casino operators to respond to player needs promptly, adjust offers, and improve customer loyalty. Using Journey Builder, you gain a competitive edge in attracting new players and ensuring revenue growth.

Driving Engagement with Bonus Cards 

Deposit Bonus Cards are designed to enhance player engagement and interaction within Instant Games. They are gateways to exploring bonus details, tracking progress, and reviewing terms and conditions. Bonus Cards drive increased engagement, retention, and revenue generation by providing players with easy access to bonus information and incentives.

Additional Possibilities with Casino Bonus Activity 

Now, our clients have another powerful tool: the combination of Casino Free Spins with Casino Bonuses. This new feature allows you to create Free Spin bonuses with wagering, enhancing player acquisition and increasing your impact and revenue.

💳 GR8 Payment Gateway

We're excited to introduce the Carousel View option in our new Payment widget. This feature is designed for operators with 5-6 primary methods.

When a player visits the payment page, they will immediately see a payment method, either the last used or the most popular, and can enter their payment details all on one screen.

Players can easily view other payment methods from a list of up to 5 options or go back to see the full list if needed.

This feature can be configured in the Payment Gateway's back office through project and group settings that are accessible to client operations teams.

These settings apply to both withdrawals and deposits:

  • Maximum 5 methods in the Carousel
  • Minimum 2 methods in the Carousel

👤 GR8 Player Account Management (PAM)

Mono-Products support 

The PAM functionality now supports both Sports and Casino products, depending on brand settings. For instance, if an operator only has the sports product, they will not see any casino-related functionality. Conversely, if the product is casino-only, the operator can only access the casino functionality.

Content that can be hidden for all PAM functionality includes the following sections: KYC Monitor, Transactions Monitor, Players List, Player Info (Header), Player Info (Tab), Activities, Limits and Restrictions, KYC docs, Sports History, Transactions, and Wallet History.

Player ID Click 

Removed opening a new tab for Player ID. Available on pages: KYC Monitor, Transaction Monitor, and Player List. This means the page will open in the same tab when you click on the Player ID. To open the page in a new tab, use the browser's default options.

New feature: Withdrawals Feed Widget 

This is the first widget we tested with our team's widget-based solution (CMS). The Withdrawals Feed Widget shows real-time total withdrawals and player transactions to build trust for new users.

Key features:

  • It shows a live total of withdrawals, updated with each transaction.
  • Resets the total withdrawals weekly.
  • Uses counter animations for sum changes.
  • Updates transaction feed only when the latest withdrawal exceeds the last deposit.
  • Uses animations for feed.
  • Includes a multiplier feature.
  • Available on CMS.
Feature design
Feature design

New feature: 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) 

To improve our security, we have introduced Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). For our product, we have implemented the use of the Authenticator App. These apps generate time-based one-time passwords (TOTPs) that change every 30–60 seconds. Users will need to enter the current TOTP along with their password (e.g., Google Authenticator).

To activate 2FA, players need no more than a few minutes:

  • Sign in to account
  • Open account settings
  • Check if Email/Phone is valid in the personal data
  • Create a strong password
  • Activate 2FA (must have installed an app similar to Google Authenticator)

Make sure to use two-factor authentication to safeguard the player's personal data and account balance. Play securely.


Bonus Selection on Android
Bonus Selection on Android

⚙️ GR8 CRM

Here is a glimpse of the improvements in our CRM.

P2P Referral Program Enhancements 

The P2P referral program for players is a key retention mechanism designed to attract new players through a loyal audience. This release expands its capabilities by introducing the following features:

  • The ability to configure different referral offers for various user segments within the same brand simultaneously.
  • The option to set new conditions for new users, such as KYC verification, with or without a deposit requirement.

CRM Back-Office: Restricting the Number of Promo Code Activations

Starting with this release, managers will have the option to set the quantity of Promo Code activations to prevent fraud when users share Promo Codes with friends. This field is optional and works separately for each promo code.

Additionally, soon you will see a new design for Ref.Code activity and will be able to choose Promo Codes and other Ref.Codes as input sources together in one activity within a single Journey.

Content Management System (CMS): Big Banner Widget

Our new Big Banner widget is designed to display social registration buttons (such as Google, Facebook, etc.) as a Call to Action (CTA) for customer registration and authorization.

Key details:

  • The widget can show different sets of social buttons, action buttons, and text fields based on CMS settings.
  • Social registration availability varies depending on each brand's configuration.
  • The widget can also function as a regular banner without social registration options.
  • The widget's configuration, customization, and management are handled through the UBO CMS.

Of course, that's not all. Our team has been working diligently to implement minor and major hidden-from-sight updates that upgrade each platform module and ensure our client's performance is at its peak.

🔎 If you have any questions about our features, please drop a comment below. ⬇️⬇️⬇️


If your platform isn't updated regularly, it's time to move on. Contact our team to consult about solutions that fit your business model and can lead to its peak performance. Don't waste time and opportunities.

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