Great Tech Solutions for Operators Seeking Global Growth: Meet GR8 Tech at ICE London


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GR8 Tech, formerly known as Parimatch Tech, is revealing its launch product and service line-up for the first time at ICE London.

As the gambling industry continues to evolve, operators face several challenges that can hinder their growth and ability to provide a seamless gaming experience for players. The growth ceiling that operators experience is often caused by iGaming platforms’ limited performance capabilities, integration issues and lack of scalability. Together these issues lead to decreased player engagement, lower revenue growth, and a less competitive business.

GR8 Tech’s iGaming platform—a comprehensive, integrated solution that includes omnichannel technologies, content, and operational services—addresses these issues, allowing iGaming businesses to streamline their operations, increase player engagement, and drive revenue growth.

Designed with customer and operator needs in mind, the GR8 Tech platform can handle the peak loads of any sporting event on the planet.

Here are some of GR8 Tech’s platform performance indicators: 

  • 99.95% uptime;
  • <120 ms average spin speed;
  • 50-70 ms requests latency; 
  • 54,000 wallet transactions per second;
  • 20,000 logins per minute; 
  • 80,000 sports bets per minute; 
  • One million settlement processing per minute. 

Bolstered by GLI19 and GLI33 certifications, as well as cloud technologies from strategic partner AWS, the platform currently serves GR8 tech clients—Parimatch Eastern Europe, PМІ, and Parimatch United—in 15 markets worldwide. 

And, just like all GR8 solutions, it can be combined with other offers to create highly customisable, scalable, consistently stable business solutions for the development and growth of the iGaming business. With nearly 30 years of iGaming operating experience, GR8 Tech offers powerful technological solutions, quality, personalised expertise, and consultative business support that operators can always rely on.

Let's get together offline

Meet great solutions at the GR8 Tech show floor meeting room S10-425 at ICE London on 7-9 February 2023.

Contact to book a time slot: Dmytro Paliants, Business development officer at GR8 Tech.

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