GR8 Tech at SBC 2023 Barcelona: Elevating iGaming Excellence


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Prepare for an insightful presence at SBC Summit Barcelona, where GR8 Tech joins industry leaders to redefine iGaming operations. From September 19th to 21st, we will present our solutions at the CG414 zone, showcasing our commitment to pushing boundaries in the industry.

CEO Insight: Mastering iGaming with Tech

On September 21st, 12:00–12:20 CEST (13:00–13:20 EEST), our CEO, Evgen Belousov, takes the spotlight with a topic: “The Power of Tech Solutions: Launching and Upgrading Your iGaming Operation.” Gain pragmatic insights into overcoming industry obstacles, outperforming rivals, and excelling in the fiercely competitive iGaming arena.

Visit Booth CG414 for Real Impact

GR8 Tech dominates Booth #CG414, where our high-speed iGaming solutions take center stage. Meet our experts and explore tailored offerings that empower your iGaming venture's launch, growth, or upgrade. No fluff, just concrete solutions.

Seize the Moment: Secure Your Meeting

Elevate your iGaming venture by booking a meeting with GR8 Tech in advance. Define your strategy, align your goals, and witness our solutions' potential firsthand. Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with enthusiasts reshaping iGaming's future.

Link for booking a meeting:

As SBC Summit Barcelona nears, GR8 Tech stands ready to redefine iGaming excellence. Join us from September 19th to 21st and embark on a transformative journey toward a more empowered iGaming future.

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