GR8 Tech Fortifies its Market Position with GLI Certifications


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Communications Team

GR8 Tech has bolstered its standing in the industry by securing coveted B2B certifications from Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) for both sports and casino operations, further expanding its global footprint.

Having obtained the prestigious GLI19 and GLI33 certifications, GR8 Tech has gained the green light to extend its offerings to operators in the rapidly growing markets. Among its proprietary solutions, the GR8 Tech-developed casino module is a comprehensive hub for game providers' aggregation, seamless casino wallets enriched with bonuses, and an array of tournament-related services.

Gaming Laboratories International is renowned for its meticulous scrutiny of software and hardware, making its certifications a quality indicator in the industry. GR8 Tech's acquisition of GLI19 and GLI33 certifications is a testament to its products' first-class quality, engineered to support GR8's global expansion endeavors. The company eagerly anticipates exciting opportunities for further growth.

Evgen Belousov, GR8 Tech CEO

We take pride in having supported the GR8 Tech team throughout this journey and assisting them throughout the certification process. Embracing GLI standards will undoubtedly ease GR8 Tech's entry into new markets. We wholeheartedly congratulate GR8 Tech and eagerly anticipate the continuation of this fruitful partnership.

Francesca Capomolla, Account Manager at EMEA

GR8 Tech focuses on meeting top certification standards and maintains a rigorous security strategy to mitigate risks related to access control, data security, product integrity, network protection, employee safety, and supply chain vulnerabilities. The company's IT security strategy is rooted in an in-depth understanding of fraud and threat actor tactics, industry best practices, and evolving data protection trends–all aimed at safeguarding customers and businesses from cyber threats.

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