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Update About Parimatch Withdrawal From Russia


As an owner of rights to the Parimatch trademark and software, Parimatch Tech decided to withdraw the franchise from Betring LLC. Betring LLC owned the rights to use the Parimatch brand in the territory of the Russian Federation. We have received many requests from the media and customers about this situation and decided to make an official statement.

Parimatch Tech has withdrawn the franchise from Russia 

The brand has already been removed from key resources, and some negotiations are still underway with a number of websites and platforms to remove any left mentions. Moreover, the Parimatch platform is not available in Russia, we stopped all software developments, improvements, and operational process support.

Rebranding of Betring LLC has nothing to do with Parimatch 

Parimatch brand leaves the market, and Parimatch Tech doesn't conduct any rebranding on the territory of the Russian Federation. 

If you need any further information or comments from representatives regarding this topic, don't hesitate to contact our PR office or send your questions via email: [email protected]

Also, check out our blog — an official source for all the news and updates on crucial brand changes, new partnerships and official announcements.

Parimatch Tech is making every effort to support Ukraine

We provide financial support for humanitarian aid, and our employees became volunteers who are purchasing goods and medicine, cooking meals for territorial defence and refugees, delivering food and drugs to people in need, and evacuating residents from the hot spots. Some defend Ukraine in the Armed Forces, territorial defence forces and cyber forces.

Our Parimatch Foundation launched a charitable fundraiser to help purchase and deliver food, medicine, and the evacuation of victims. People worldwide can send funds to support Ukraine via the link:

Ukraine is the homeland of our brand and our people. Therefore, we will do our best to support Ukraine.

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