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System Analysis at Parimatch Tech


Lead System Analyst at Parimatch, Bohdan Khrysanfov, is an expert in his field and charge of Parimatch’s tech transformation. He is the one who has promoted the pattern “invent and think” in upgrading the systems by fulfilling new features and implementing essential cost-cutting.

Parimatch is with no doubt a unique international gaming network with its A-list ambassadors where new brave marketing strategies and in-depth technological products have been developed and implemented. There are many sophisticated systems and cycles behind the scenes, which should be accounted for as well. And this is Bohdan Khrysanfov, who doesn’t follow stereotypes but puts his own way.

In his interview, he broke down the standard concept of a systems analyst that is the one who doesn’t understand how to communicate. But he should be aware of every performing stage of the product development. This requires a permanent interaction and sociality along the process. He determines systems analysts as “failed” developers, not in terms of their lack of knowledge. They are skilled in abstract thinking and systemic designing, leading to an “invent and think” approach. Furthermore, the system analysts cover a broader area in the product cycle — from the login arranged for the back-office to that for the users. At the same time, a developer knows only how the back-office login is organized. Thus, they remain within their working scheme, whereas system analysts get into both the system and platform.

Respectively, Khrysanfov needs to be involved in the general picture while keeping the in-depth knowledge across the whole system. He has to sort out the complex tasks into separate constituents bearing in mind how each part impacts one another in the platform’s architecture. Accomplishing this process, he should consider cost-cutting that is vital for a rapidly growing company like Parimatch is.

In this case, he states that the system analysis, with a division into “significant” and “insignificant” steps of implementation, might minimize the implementation costs. Sometimes, a feature that may seem lucrative to a business has such a price for development that it doesn’t lead to profitable implementation. If to put it into the architecture properly and refuse appropriate desires, the feature can generate income but not be accomplished completely.

He also adds that the system analysis simplifies recruiting, auditing, and certification and the integrity and the accessibility of the product info base. These are ones of the basis referred to in his role in the Parimatch company. Nevertheless, there is one distinguishing feature.

Through its rapid growth, the operator’s system analysis has been separated into an independent pre-production service. Khrysanfov explained that at the initial stage, the system analysts were a part of the team. This fact didn’t enable them to perform a thorough analysis outside the scope of a trusted product or service. Thus, it led to forming a stand-alone system analysts team responsible for the expert and analytical monitor of all company components and their integration.

Their team worked in such a mode for some time and was really useful. But like any other fast-growing company, there should be regularly performed optimization and adaptation of all processes. The analysis is not an exception. Accordingly, some changes were realized by creating a cross-functional pre-production team that merges UX / UI, business, and systems analysts.

For Parimatch, this crucial solution of a recreational team allows them to focus on the most complex tasks. Due to its cross-functionality, all teams are in charge of the product entirely but not of the particular component. Thereby, each team is involved maximum and responsible for the feature. Khrysanfov adds that this explains the fast workflow of the company. Instead of collecting old technologies and decadent systems, the Parimatch team can relegate them to second place.

In his conclusion, Khrysanfov highlighted that they managed to speed up the entire analysis process and deliver a task. This approach helped the company to reduce the costs of analysis and improved the quality. Parimatch Tech is considered a product “building” company with a focus on technological progress. Such a course is always a key to constant integration and modifications in the consistency of architectural structures where technology is associated with business agility. The principal goal of the company is to work out, not to store. As soon as the task is irrelevant, they try to find out the reasons and make a decision on disposal.

Parimatch is likely a smart bettor in the betting industry, knowing when to double-down and fold on its technology. Despite its growth over the last year, the operator’s technological systems make it reliable, flexible, and robust as the UFC champions are ready for the next big fight.

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