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Parimatch Tech at SiGMA Malta: Award-Winning Franchise Brand, AWS Cloud Ecosystem, and a New B2B Product Lineup

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Being one of the biggest iGaming events of the year, SiGMA Malta brought together over 25000 specialists from all over the world to share innovations, trends, case studies, and data. The international product company Parimatch Tech, a technology, and marketing solutions developer for the entertainment industry, joined the event, bringing its speakers to SiGMA’s program. 

On November 17, Parimatch Tech’s CTO Artur Ashyrov, Deputy CTO, VP of Data, and Head of B2B Dmytro Fedyukov, along with AWS’ Senior Account Manager Serhii Avramchuk presented a case study of Parimatch Tech’s partnership with AWS. Started 4 years ago, it greatly boosted the company’s development capabilities and operations, allowing it to migrate to a more efficient ecosystem and create smart solutions and features that significantly enhanced Parimatch Tech’s B2B product lineup.

It became possible, in particular, thanks to AWS’ infra as a service. Designing a reliable, multi-AZ, HA infrastructure from scratch is a time- and resource-consuming task. It is always a choice between a longer TTM plus quality product and sacrificing some features for a shorter TTM. As a product-minded company, we couldn’t put up with any of these outcomes. So, we opted for a smarter route, which allowed us to significantly reduce TTM without sacrificing the product’s quality,

Arthur Ashyrov, Parimatch Tech CTO.

Over the years of AWS partnership, Parimatch Tech engineers have developed several features to enhance the flexibility, durability, and entertainment value of the Parimatch platform, such as the Environment by Click development framework and a programmatic content recommendation engine. Based on all the innovations, Parimatch Tech formed its B2B product lineup for the entertainment industry, which includes:

  • Parimatch brand franchise—one of the leading international betting brands, known for its bold fiery spirit, a rocking list of partners, and a number of Operator awards, the most recent of them being SiGMA 2022’s Sportsbook Operator of the Year
  • Platform—one of the fastest growing in Eastern Europe, with millions of active users and the ability to handle millions of bet settlements at peak load during the main sports events without any downtime.
  • BAAS (business as a service)—an all-in-one solution that includes all the advantages of Parimatch Tech’s platform, industry expertise, and management excellence.

Considering that eight out of ten sports betting operators do not work on their software, including companies operating in many regions with well-known brands, we felt ready to offer our solutions to third-party operational companies. Using our tech and expertise in the desired volume and relying on our unique set of experience, our partners will be able to quickly power-up and scale their operations,

Dmytro Fedyukov, Deputy CTO, VP of Data, and Head of B2B at Parimatch Tech.

The company’s B2B transformation is still ongoing. Parimatch Tech aims to become one of the leading players in the global B2B market, providing sophisticated, tailor-made solutions for the top players in the online entertainment industry and beyond. Stay tuned for updates and news on the topic at the company’s official website

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