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Parimatch Foundation about being a good corporate citizen

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Parimatch Foundation about being a good corporate citizen

Chairwoman of the Parimatch Foundation, Katerina Belorusskaya, shares her views on the importance of corporate citizenship and what it means to her

The Parimatch Foundation was created as a vehicle for Parimatch’s corporate citizenship activities and agenda. For me, corporate citizenship is not only an institution’s responsible attitude to its service offering, customers, partners, and employees but its contribution to the communities within which it operates. Therefore, whilst responsible gambling is central to Parimatch’s corporate citizenship efforts, the company is also committed to solving acute societal problems, through regular interaction with the community.

At Parimatch, we are proud of the fact that we have committed to helping the community on our own accord – not because a law or regulation obliges us to do so. Parimatch predominantly operates in the CIS markets, where companies do not face strict obligations regarding corporate citizenship. Rather, we feel that helping others is a moral duty. The company acts without wanting or expecting anything back and relishes the feeling of having helped others altruistically.

For Parimatch, corporate citizenship consists of three separate elements – people, future generations and profits. Firstly, people. We treat our employees as though they are family, by caring about their well-being and by educating them on the importance of contributing to society. Secondly, future generations. The Parimatch Foundation operates in three areas relating to future generations – sport, education, and the environment. In terms of sport, Parimatch prides itself on helping to develop children’s sports. As for education, our aim is to ensure that every child has access to it. Regarding the environment, Parimatch is keen to implement strategies that will save the planet – meaning that future generations can rest in the knowledge that they reside in a sustainable environment.

The final element of Parimatch’s corporate citizenship efforts relates to profits. Profits are integral to the livelihoods of Parimatch employees because it is out of these profits that employee wages are paid. In addition, profits can be used to invest in the local community. The greater the company’s profit, the greater its propensity to contribute towards the community. This very fact motivates Parimatch employees to be the most productive they can be.

And the benefits of corporate citizenship do not stop there. Through our extensive corporate citizenship efforts, Parimatch is gaining a reputation for being a responsible bookmaking company – which has broadened our customer demographic. Moreover, our efforts have meant that we are gaining a reputation for being a reliable and supportive employer – which has broadened the pool of talent applying to the company for employment.

Corporate citizenship efforts mean that Parimatch, a gambling and betting company, is being considered a community leader by customers and employees alike – a laudable feat. We do not deny that gambling addiction is a real issue, but we are making sustained efforts to educate customers about the purpose of betting, which is a source of entertainment and distraction – much like sporting pursuits and other hobbies.

Of course, there is a link between corporate citizenship and commercial success – especially when it comes to corporate reputation. In our sector and the regions in which we operate, it is essential to build a reputation for being a responsible bookmaker. This is important for customers, potential employees, and potential partners.

At Parimatch, we remain focused on expanding on the work that the Parimatch Foundation has achieved to date, as we strive to deliver a positive impact to the societies in which we operate.

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