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Tetiana Davydova

Tetiana Davydova

Chief Talent Officer

Tetiana is an experienced leader who strives for success by fostering a positive and engaging work culture, attracting top talent, and developing employees to reach their potential.

As the driving force behind the company’s talent acquisition strategy, her exceptional communication skills and collaborative nature make her a natural fit for this role, and her ability to connect with people personally is a real asset.

In addition to her talent acquisition work, Tetiana is a true leader in creating and implementing employee development programs. She is committed to helping her colleagues, providing coaching and mentoring, organizing training and development programs, and creating a performance management process that enables employees to thrive.

Tetiana is also passionate about fostering a positive, inclusive work culture that promotes teamwork, collaboration, and innovation. She has developed programs encouraging employee wellness and work-life balance, and is a true champion of ensuring a positive workplace culture. 

Our paramount objective is to uphold our reputation as an employer that fosters a culture and embodies values that engender a convivial atmosphere, thus facilitating our team members’ personal and professional development and growth.


Tetiana’s career in HR began in 2005. She progressed from HR manager to Head of Global HR at one of the largest international gambling software development companies, where she managed the HR workflow for almost 6,500 employees in 18 countries worldwide.

In 2019, Tetiana joined Parimatch as Chief Talent Officer. Since then, Tetiana has restructured the Talent department into distinct units, supported the integration of tools to optimize talent acquisition processes, and provided multiple programs to boost the personal development of every employee. Furthermore, she prioritized health and safety programs for every country the company served, implemented flexible benefits to meet the need of every individual, set sustainable and fair compensation policies, and implemented wellness programs that covered almost every aspect of employees’ lives. Tatiana built an employer brand that is well-known in the market and that every employee is proud of.

In 2021, she spearheaded the creation of the Parimatch Tech Academy (now known as the GR8 Tech Academy), an ambitious initiative aimed at providing students lacking in commercial experience with a unique opportunity to venture into the IT industry and obtain gainful employment in real-world projects.


Tetiana holds a Master’s degree in Rocket Science, specializing in power plants for spacecraft.


She loves extreme sports, particularly paragliding. She also enjoys engineering and building—her current projects include building a motorboat and a summer house.