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Dmitrii Barbasura

Dmitrii Barbasura

Chief Payment Gateway Officer

Dmitrii Barbasura serves as the Chief Payment Gateway Officer at GR8 Tech. In this pivotal role, he assumes responsibility for the comprehensive oversight of the company’s payment gateway, ensuring the seamless operation and effective management of its payment systems. With a remarkable proficiency in payment services, Dmitrii specializes in PSD2/Open Banking solutions, a testament to his deep-rooted expertise in the domain.

Dmitrii’s professional journey is marked by a remarkable record of building and managing companies from the ground up, amassing over a decade of experience in leadership roles within the tech sector. His extensive exposure equips him with an acute grasp of business strategy, strategic planning, and software development.


Dmitrii is a fervent and forward-looking leader who boasts a wealth of knowledge spanning technical, business, and regulatory domains in the PSD2/Open Banking and payment services arena. He has an innate ability to convert the challenges posed by swift technological advancements into avenues of innovation. With exceptional interpersonal skills, he inspires and motivates his team while nurturing a forward-looking vision for the company’s success.


Technical University
Bachelor’s Degree, Information Technology

Earthinators Climate School
Bachelor of Science (BS), Economics


Beyond his professional endeavors, Dmitrii is an avid reader and enjoys channeling his creativity into crafting various replicas in his garage. His dedication to family is also evident, as he cherishes quality time spent with his children.