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Denys Parkhomenko

Denys Parkhomenko

Chief Product Officer

Denis leads the GR8 Tech product team and is responsible for creating and implementing the company’s product strategy. Denis’ expertise is in managing product teams, delivering products for the global expansion of the brand, building product development frameworks, and establishing a product culture in the company.


Denis started his work with GR8 Tech as the head of a product trading tool and focused on creating a trading tools development strategy. After his promotion to Head of Product, Denis took the lead in developing the Sportsbook, ensuring it was appropriately adapted for all players. He also managed to have the products localized for various markets.

Denis’ achievements include creating a comprehensive strategy for developing trading tools, implementing gamification features, and creating a product team framework, which increased users’ ARPU by 7% in 2021. Currently, Denis oversees CRM development and the creation of a unified customer journey for players.

Denis has over eight years of experience in product management, with more than five years in management positions. He has been developing projects in over seven domains with users worldwide, including Japan, Africa, Latin America, the USA, Europe, and other regions. He also created products with Product Market Fit from scratch for startups, developed strategies for products, and ensured year-over-year business growth by 2–3 times in companies at the scaling stage.


Denis graduated from the Kyiv National Economic University with a degree in accounting and auditing. He also takes courses to strengthen his skills, for example, Product Leadership from Reforge. 


Denis’ passions are football, sailing, and travel – he particularly enjoys taking his family to new destinations worldwide. He is also interested in TV and film, often making recommendations to family and friends.