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Katerina Biloruska β€” Helping on the ground in Ukraine

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πŸ‘‹ Long time no see.

In 2019 was founded Parimatch Foundation β€” a non-profit organization that supports sustainable long-term initiatives and projects. The mission of the Parimatch Foundation's charitable activities was to improve the health and well-being of society by giving children equal rights and access to sports.

But things changed on 24.02.2022 when Russian forces invaded the territory of Ukraine. Since the 1st day of the war, Parimatch Foundation switched all resources to volunteer support activities in Ukraine.Β 

The Extra Mile Podcast asked to share more information about the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. And our co-founder, member of the supervisory board and chairwoman of Parimatch Foundation, Katerina Biloruska, shared her perspective on what's happening on the ground and how you can help Ukraine.

πŸŽ™Β Originally posted on The Extra Mile Apple Podcast page: Katerina Biloruska - Helping on the ground in Ukraine

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