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Parimatch Tech Honours the Independence Day of Ukraine

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Thirty-first Ukraine's Independence Day is the hardest in modern Ukraine's history. This year, the 24 of August marks the six months of a full-scale Russian invasion. 

During these six months, Ukrainians have shown impressive resilience and heroism, biting into every metre of their homeland, protecting their families and the future of sovereign Ukraine.

The outstanding heroism of Ukrainian defenders inspired businesses to follow their example, not give up the fight, and do all possible to support Ukraine.

The age-old struggle of the Ukrainian people for independence is now at its peak—the country's future is decided now. The allegiance and enthusiasm of Ukrainians inspire us to new heights, and we will do our best to represent with dignity our native country in the industry.

We are proud of our company's roots, and on Independence Day, we wish victory to Ukraine with all our hearts.

Maksym Liashko, CEO at Parimatch Tech.

Despite the state of war, the lack of confidence in the future, and the constant threat of shelling, Parimatch Tech's product teams in Ukraine also showed fantastic performance in various business areas.

As a company born in Ukraine, Parimatch Tech wants to share its path through the challenges of the past six months.

Volunteering became a part of everyday life

At the beginning of the invasion, Parimatch Tech and Parimatch Ukraine employees were taking part in volunteer activities:

  • Purchasing goods and medicine;
  • Cooking meals for territorial defence and refugees;
  • Delivering food and drugs to people in need;
  • Evacuating residents from the hot spots.

Some employees defend Ukraine in the ranks of the Armed Forces.

On the 1st day of the Russian military aggression, was organised a volunteer headquarters devoted to nine primary areas: legal assistance to employees, financial assistance to employees, assistance with rent during an evacuation, the evacuation from hot spots, purchase of medicines, assistance to colleagues from colleagues, delivery of humanitarian aid, and contribution to the army. The company's IT team created six Telegram bots to coordinate volunteer efforts—some of them were devoted to volunteering support areas, and some served as an emergency button. 

Now, employees are involved in the company's volunteer projects as part of the sustainable development strategy and other public charitable projects and fundraisers.

New Sustainable Development realities

Parimatch Foundation – previously focused on educational and sports projects for children – has re-allocated most of its resources toward helping Ukrainian women and children survive the war and get to safety. Lately, Parimatch Foundation has resumed increasing financial assistance to several priority support areas: psychological rehabilitation of children, renewal of previous sports programmes, and work with medical projects and facilities. 

Parimatch Foundation expands cooperation with the state to improve the health and well-being of society in Ukraine. For example, they signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to develop the educational processes.

Rollout to B2B solutions development

The full-scale invasion began by Russia only speeded up the company's B2B rollout plans. Withdrawal of the franchise from Russia, disposal of the Belarusian part of the holding, and direct losses in the Ukrainian market, instead of being an obstacle, turned into catalysts of B2B solutions development.

The company turned into an advantage several in-house developed additional components for a modern iGaming platform, such as CRM, recommendation engine, analytics & business, complex anti-fraud systems, MarTech, etc. Moreover, Parimatch Tech develops solutions that provide parts of the platform for operation by third parties. The company’s expertise opened new opportunities for further cooperation with iGaming operators.

Constant development upgrades

Since the 1st day of the war in Ukraine, where the leading R&D centre is located, the company began implementing an operation and infrastructure crisis plan. Thus, despite the danger of missile attacks in Kyiv, the end customers didn't feel any trouble with services. 

B2B rollout activated processes related to product team restructure. According to the renewed business model, reorganised units are now ready to face new third-party clients' needs. The company obtained GLI19 and GLI33 certifications from Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) for sports and casinos to secure permission to offer products and services to operators in the fast-expanding markets.

Constant improvement of products was always in the DNA of Parimatch Tech, and now more than ever. For instance, the product design department developed a design system to provide a united source of UI design and custom templates.

The SBC jury noted Parimatch Platform's success, stability, flexibility, and geographical reach as worth nominating for the "Platform Provider of the Year" award.  

In-house CRM development

For three years, Parimatch Tech used Salesforce Marketing Cloud as the primary CRM tool, but now it has taken a step forward towards an in-house solution.

Despite the wartime challenges, the teams accelerated the development of the Parimatch Tech CRM. In July, the company completely switched to a new CRM, which is easily integrated between internal products and orchestrates all possible actions to improve user experience and increase lifetime value.

New employer brand geography

Parimatch Tech is committed to expanding its geographic presence in terms of business presence and supporting all Ukrainian employees forced to leave Ukraine. A new European hub in Prague serves both goals, providing the temporarily relocated employees with a stable and familiar work environment and becoming a centre of operations for all company employees in European countries—the Czech Republic, Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, and others.

Stand with Ukraine

The crisis caused by the war in Ukraine is already affecting the whole world. Besides the most significant humanitarian catastrophe in Europe in recent decades, the problem involves a rising cost of living, the risk of starvation in countries dependent on Ukrainian wheat imports, and the possibility of a new large-scale nuclear disaster bigger than Chernobyl due to the shelling of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station.

Parimatch tech calls upon industry not to ignore the situation in Ukraine and support the country in its struggle for independence.

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