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How Parimatch Motivates Its Employees?

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How Parimatch Motivates Its Employees?

At Parimatch, we understand that the success of our company depends on the personal success of each employee. Effective management relies on incentives and reward initiatives that strengthen the relationship between employees and the company. This hinges on motivating people in all aspects of their working life - professional development, personal development, health, recreation and entertainment as well as family values. To facilitate these activities within Parimatch, we created a separate department – ‘PM Life’.

Professional development
Parimatch has its own ‘Corporate University’. Here we hold introductory lectures for new joiners called "Welcome on Board", and regularly organise Open Talks the company’s senior management. Our HR team conducts the Rotation project once per year, an initiative which allows an employee to experience a working day in a different department and immerse themselves in a new area of the business. The company cares about the professional development of each of its employees, so external training, courses and workshops are subsidised to encourage this. Parimatch employees can also attend an English-speaking club within the company or external language schools.

Personal development
Parimatch Corporate University is also a place of personal growth. The company invites coaches to talk about personal effectiveness, psychological balance, time management and more.
Creative burnout is an issue that affects the individual as much as it does the company as a whole, so we really care about the mental health of employees and hope to provide them with both inspirational and motivational training sessions and development workshops.

The company pays special attention to healthcare. Each of our employees receives full medical insurance and healthy food in the office (free breakfast, lunch, fruit for a snack). In addition, the company created its own sports clubs for football, hockey, volleyball, running, and fighting, allowing for a little healthy competition amongst colleagues under the watchful guidance of professional trainers.

Recreation and entertainment
Making time for recreational activities can really help to sustain an effective workflow. We have two main corporate events each year: a big New Year's party and our Summer Camp. The two events are very different. At Summer Camp, our entire team takes part in a sports race with obstacles and challenges to overcome. This is a great opportunity to showcase how well our teams can work together, as well as showing off their fitness levels! Equally, employees can opt to take part in team-building excursions like hiking or winter sports in the mountains. We also regularly organize bowling tournaments, quizes, sports tournaments and various challenge events within the company. At Parimatch, we realise how important family and friends can be, so we often invite our employees’ nearest and dearest to our corporate events.

How does all this affect an employee?
We hope that all of our employees know how valued they are and feel that they are well taken care of. This is an interchange. As an employee invests their time, effort, labor, and personal resources into a company, their employer should rightly compensate for this as much as they possibly can. We think that being part of a large and dynamic company that cares about your growth and invests in every individual is the motivation that employees and need to thrive.

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