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How Parimatch define the Core Values

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How Parimatch define the Core Values

In today’s world, it isn’t enough for a company to merely exist for profit. It must have a personality, a vision, a purpose which it strives to achieve. In order to deliver on this purpose, there must be a clearly defined set of company values, the fundamental beliefs upon which a business and its behaviours are based. But these values can’t be plucked out of thin air. In order to be authentic, a company must live and breathe its values day in and day out.

This is why last year, guided by management and with input from employees, Parimatch redefined its core values. It has been an exciting journey, and we are already seeing the positive difference it is making to our business.

So, what are the values which shape the culture here at Parimatch?

Family & Trust – The trust and acknowledgement of personal responsibility
Brave – A readiness to take risks, responsibly and be honest with oneself in order to achieve a goal
Teamwork – Trust, communication, results! Being aware that teamwork leads to better results
Take Ownership – Involvement beyond one’s responsibilities. The ability to seek a solution, not an excuse
Selfless – A balance between the individual and the company’s interests
Adaptive – A willingness and desire to change yourself and your working ways to achieve a goal
Clean-living – Choices which have a positive effect on the health of body and mind

Parimatch strives to be more than a betting business, we are a lifestyle choice. That’s why our core values aren’t just guiding principles in how we do business, but how we approach everyday challenges in life too.

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