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Grigory Bakunov speech at PM GO 5.0

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Grigory Bakunov speech at PM GO 5.0

At Parimatch’s first ever digital event, PM GO 5.0:In Touch with the Future, guest speakers shared insights and perspectives on the most pressing issues facing business and society. One of the industry-leading experts who offered their advice was Grigory Bakunov, a top specialist at one of Russia's largest tech companies. At PM GO 5.0, Grigory spoke about how the disruption of the COVID-19 outbreak could prove to be a great opportunity for evolution and innovation.
There’s no denying that the coronavirus pandemic has led to a systematic crisis. Businesses, as well as people’s civil liberties, working routines and personal circumstances have all seen great upheaval. However, Grigory suggests that it’s not all bad news…

Working from home is working well

Now that the shift to remote working has become the norm, teams are more connected than ever, and valuable time spent commuting can now be channelled into more productive practices - which will only go to benefit the business and its employees. Now that face-to-face meetings and presentations are no longer permitted, we’re learning to harness the true value and potential of what can be done via video platforms, interactive online content and forums such as webinars, which are helping to keep us all connected. Embracing this change could lead to many positive creations and ideas – “I think the crisis will lead us to reimagine everything that we’ve been doing up to now.”

Security is paramount

With key tasks now being taken online, we’re viewing security of information very differently. We’re prioritising keeping our online assets safe and valuing customer privacy as we share data via the web. We’re building even stronger rapport with clients as we prove that we still have their best interests at the top of our agenda and are working to protect them in these unprecedented times.

Big businesses are adapting

Business models that we once knew are a thing of the past. Today, we’re seeing large corporations looking to collaborate with national governments to drive forward the changes that will benefit companies and consumers alike. For example, Google and Apple launched their first ever joint press release (published the same release on both of their websites) to announce their implementation of a contract tracing app, which uses symptom tracking data from individuals infected with COVID-19 and traces the chain of transmission via their phone contacts. These two giant companies have shown how working together is how we can slowly overcome such adversity.

Will privacy soon become less of a priority?

With health and safety at the very forefront of the public’s mind, are we moving into an era wherein confidentiality of data is not as highly valued? As companies work to make the transition from offline to online as seamless as possible, consent to use and retain customer details to optimise the service might need to be assumed, as opposed to asked for.

The cyber space will dominate.

“The more we are moving into online, the deeper we are moving into the virtual domain.” As self-proclaimed cyber sports fan, Grigory explained that “we’re going to go deeper” when it comes to online offering of sporting events. Cyber athletes will become our new sporting heroes and stadium viewing will be replaced by sofa set-ups as more events are moved online. Grigory is sure that this change won’t be temporary – “there’s a huge trend for cyber sports now and it won’t be over with the end of the virus.”

So, the difficulties and uncertainty we’ve all been experiencing at home and in business could give way to a more stable ‘new normal’ as people adapt to what is now their normality. Stronger ties between corporations and governments, greater creativity and optimal online experience are key takeaways that we should celebrate and work to maintain as we continue to navigate the global crisis.

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