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Developing an In-House Sportsbook Platform

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Developing an In-House Sportsbook Platform

Parimatch’s Chief Technology Officer Konstantin Obraztsov shares his experience of building Parimatch`s new in-house sportsbook platform

Online betting company Parimatch has never shied away from a challenge! Behind the scenes, we have taken on one of the biggest technological challenges in the company’s history - the creation and delivery of a new in-house sportsbook platform. The journey has taken almost five years, and right now we are moving all of our customers onto the new platform, a task which is no mean feat!

An internally developed platform has many benefits, but above all, it gives us the flexibility to implement our ideas and innovations at speed. As well as flexibility, the new platform helps us with scaling up in a dynamic way, whereas it was a much slower process when we previously used a third-party supplier. If we want to move into new markets, it will be much easier because new customers will be using our own platform from day one.

The new platform takes advantage of cutting-edge cloud technology, which is beneficial when it comes to scaling up, and also saves us money. Using the latest technology makes it easier to maintain our technical systems, and also helps us to attract great people who want to work at a truly innovative business!

When building our new platform, it was crucial that we did so with a mobile-first attitude. With more and more people using their mobile phones for all aspects of their lives, not only in betting, we needed to ensure that the platform was suitable for mobile app development.

Product development can also be faster when you are in control of your own platform, which means the delivery of our product development strategy is now firmly in our hands. When it comes to product development, we tend to have a pipeline looking six months into the future, and is tailor-made to the various countries we operate in. For example, in one market we might need to promote egaming or esports, whilst in another, it is more important to promote UFC. This is where an in-house platform truly comes into its own. We have the freedom to adapt to each of our brands in different markets very quickly.

Of course, Parimatch’s customers have no idea all this work is happening in the background, as the new platform still has the same look, feel, functionality and great betting experience that they are used to!

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