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JavaScript Course


Hard Skills Independent work over online materials and QA sessions
3 months
Soft Skills
2 times per month
Duration of paid in-depth training (5 days a week, 8 hours a day)
2.5 months
* The program provides the possibility of additional classes on Saturdays. The final schedule will be sent to the applicants who get enroll in said program.

Course description

The Java Script course is an ideal choice for those who want to start a career in programming and improve their knowledge of JavaScript. The course covers a number of topics, including Git, HTML/CSS, fundamentals of JS, DOM, work with complex functions, OOP, JS testing, asynchronous JS, React and Redux.

The first module of the course introduces students to Git and instructs them how to use it for version control. They will also get to know the fundamentals of HTML/CSS and learn how to create simple web pages.

The second module introduces students to the fundamentals of JavaScript, including variables, data types, operators, conditions, and cycles. They will also learn about functions and their different types, including arguments, parameters, closures, and recursion.

The third module introduces students to the Document Object Model (DOM) and instructs them on how to interact with the web page elements, including addition, removal, and modification of elements.

In the fourth module, students will explore work with complex functions, including high-level topics such as closures, callbacks, promises, and async/await.

In the fifth module, students extend their knowledge of OOP and learn how to use classes and objects, inheritance and polymorphism.

In the sixth module, students learn how to test their code with the use of JS Framework Jest. With the help of this module, students will be able to create reliable and efficient code, reduce the number of errors and improve the quality of their projects.

In the seventh module, students will learn about the principles of work with asynchronous code in JavaScript, including the use of callback functions, Promise objects, and async/await. They will learn how to create asynchronous functions and interact with asynchronous APIs.

The Redux eighth module focuses on learning the React library, which is one of the most popular libraries for the creation of user interfaces in JavaScript. This module introduces students to basic concepts of React, such as Virtual DOM, components, and JSX syntax.

The Redux ninth module focuses on learning the Redux library, which is a popular tool for application state management in JavaScript. Students will learn basic Redux principles such as centralized application state storing with the use of pure functions for changing a state and the application of middleware to process asynchronous requests.

This course will allow students to acquire the necessary skills for a successful career in web development and discover endless opportunities in this branch. And the best students will be able to join our big GR8 Tech family.



During the learning process, students will perform tests, do homework and implement projects, by the results of which mentors can assess the students' progress, identify their strong and weak points and provide additional help to achieve the desired result.

Study structure

  1. Independent work over online materials on Hard Skills according to the course units on LMS (Learning Management System) — theory + practice. Attendance of Q&A sessions and practice meetings as scheduled
  2. Homework — 1-2 times a week
  3. Completion of individual, group (2-3 persons in a team) and final projects
  4. Lectures on Soft Skills — 3 hours a day, once every 2 weeks (theory + practice)
  5. Networking



Andrii Halich
Andrii Halich
Engineering Manager
Vasyl Korchynskyi
Vasyl Korchynskyi
Senior Front-End Developer
Vira Huskova
Vira Huskova
Learning Experience Design Architect
Vasyl Koval
Vasyl Koval
Middle Front-End Developer

Course structure



  • Git introduction
  • Git Flow
  • Work with remote repositories


  • Introduction to the Internet 
  • Front-end basics. HTML/CSS/JS Overview 
  • Elements and Structure, Semantic HTML
  • CSS basics, Box model 
  • Units in CSS, Resetting styles, 
  • Pseudo-classes, Pseudo-elements, Position property 
  • Flexbox, Grid 
  • CSS preprocessors 
  • Adaptive design, Mobile first

JS Fundamentals

  • JavaScript standards
  • Data types and variables, JavaScript operators
  • Cycles, Functions, Closure
  • Regular expressions
  • Objects in JS, Arrays
  • Constructor functions


  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Events 
  • Scheduling: setTimeout and setInterval localStorage

Working with advanced functions

  • Residual parameters and the spread operator
  • This context in functions
  • Decorators and call forwarding, call/apply
  • The context in arrow functions


  • Prototype inheritance
  • ES6, ES6 modules, Working with ES6 classes
  • Error processing

JS Testing

  • Testing JavaScript Code

Asynchronous JS

  • Callbacks and Promises
  • Promises chaining, Async/Await
  • AJAX requests
  • POST, PUT, DELETE requests Request headers CORS basics
  • Event Loop


  • Basic concepts about React
  • Component status, Event handling and interaction with the component
  • Refs, Hooks, SPA


  • Flux architecture
  • Sample data from the state and Interaction of components with the page
  • Redux-Devtool
  • Using hooks in Redux
  • Memosed selectors
  • Advanced hooks
  • Performance optimization
  • Working with the server
  • Patterns, application architecture

What do
students get

  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming language
  • Understanding of client-server architecture in the context of JS web application development and Redux knowledge
  • Ability to develop a website, a web interface and a web application
  • Ability to understand a code of other people understanding at the same time how it works
  • Teamwork skills, new acquaintances
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