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Building a Dream Team

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Building a Dream Team

Building a dream team and working at full steam

said Ivan Liashenko, CMO

I started my career at Parimatch in the payments department as a recent finance graduate who found the prospect of working in a bank unexciting and uninspiring. Within 3-4 months, I progressed to supervisor level, where I quickly began to test new methods and challenge the existing processes. That's when I first started approaching business creatively.

Then I moved to marketing and became the first product manager in the history of the company. Over time, an entire product department evolved, which I headed up. After many experiments, product and department reforms, we established a reputation as the front-runner in the market.

And so, after several years in product managementt I was asked to move into the head of marketing role, as I had already implemented a number of marketing functions during my tenure as product manager. I got stuck in straight away, made a few changes, built a dream team and now we’re charging ahead at full steam!

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