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Being Adaptive in the Face of Adversity

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Being Adaptive in the Face of Adversity

Today, the world is faced with a widespread challenge - the COVID-19 outbreak. Individuals are concerned that going about their daily commute to shared workspaces is putting them in harm’s way. Parimatch recognizes that it is responsible for the safety and health of its employees. One of our key values is being "adaptive," and never has it been more relevant. How can we prevent further spread of the virus and respond to the current pandemic? Parimatch shares some advice.

Take care

For three weeks now, enhanced sanitary measures have been in place at our company's offices: we monitor the temperature of all guests, regularly disinfect surfaces and have installed additional stations with disinfectants. We have also purchased medical masks, and 'express tests' for the virus. Staff who recently visited infected countries have voluntarily isolated themselves at home. The company recommends travelling to work by private car or by taxi - we refund 50% of this cost. We recommend maintaining a safe distance between employees who work in the office.

Adapt as best you can
We have taken all possible measures to ensure that our workplaces are safe, but we recommend that employees work remotely from home. We have provided the technical support required in order to facilitate effective working-from-home, including all external communication devices, internet extensions and other equipment. We strongly recommend holding all meetings online.

Stay informed
In this difficult time, we have to step up our crisis internal communications. All our employees regularly receive information and updates on what is happening within the company as well as monitoring reports of the global situation regarding the pandemic from verified and trustworthy sources. In addition, we send an email with recommendations on how to protect yourself from the virus, what to do whilst in quarantine and how to optimize working from home. The same information is displayed on monitors in our open spaces. Awareness and a clear action plan are the best antidotes to panic.

Be responsible
Parimatch has established itself as a responsible business. We understand our responsibility to safeguard the health and safety of our employees. In addition to medical insurance, our employees will be able to contact a doctor who works in our offices. For people who need psychological support amid a crisis, we now offer counselling sessions with a qualified therapist. If one of our employees were to contract the virus, the company will do everything possible to help.

Stay positive
A crisis is a window of opportunity. For us, it is an opportunity to uphold our corporate value of "Family and Trust” - demonstrated through love, support, and caring for others. Our employees are encouraged to stay connected with their colleagues and share their experiences of these new working conditions, to keep morale high and maintain a positive attitude.

Parimatch is keeping a close eye on the rapidly-changing global situation, but in the meantime, we are continuing to work hard and look after each other.


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