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Advancing Positions With Business Development in New Markets

[text_block text=”<p>The emergence of new markets world over prompts an increasing number of companies to take advantage of promising areas and expand their activity. Each new market segment has its own additional restrictions, regulations and other specifics.</p><p>Maksym Makovetsky, head of Parimatch affiliate program, was recently interviewed on his ideas on entering new markets. Maxim is in charge of the Parimatch affiliate program's general development, specifically targeting brand promotion, its enhancement, and engagement of new partners under the CPA/RevShare scheme.</p><h2>AffiliateINSIDER: Please could you provide us with some more details about your work at Parimatch Tech as the Head of the Affiliates Department?</h2><p>Maxim: “The purpose of Parimatch affiliate program is to attract traffic to our project through the CPA, Hybrid or RevShare remuneration models. Our team is engaged in comprehensive partner support, from providing information about our partner program and our offers to traffic buying, and the complete cycle it entails, and, above all, to creating long-term collaboration with our partners and sustaining both personal and business relations".</p><h2>AI: By now, can you tell us more about the experience you have gained in developing new markets?</h2><p>Maxim: Parimatch is now acquiring global brand status by signing prominent advertising contracts with the UFC, Juventus, Everton, Leicester City, and many other partners. Thanks to these advertising campaigns, the company's global reputation is growing, and we are able to get customer traffic from more markets. In many countries of the world, we have begun to attract traffic through affiliates, as well as in other countries in which we plan to expand.</p><p>Initially our activity mainly depended on the CIS countries, but thanks to the recent contracts we were able to advance to a higher level. As part of launching a partner program in other markets, it is crucial to sustaining a steady tie-up with the product development team to achieve superior results for advertisers and partners alike".</p><h2>AI: What would you recommend to partners who may be reluctant to enter new markets?</h2><p>Maxim: "The affiliates themselves are the most effective marketing operators. I would suggest deciding on one, maximum two geographic areas, and to avoid venturing into areas that have different local conditions than those of the affiliate's country. The European affiliate, for example, will not find it easy to expand into the Japanese market without familiarity with the local peculiarities.</p><p>Of course, the partner's most reliable tool in any market is repeated tests and trials. Partners will only be able to make a profitable advertising campaign with split tests, which can be applicable to any market.</p><h2>AI: Given that all the industry has become legal in Ukraine, what advantages do you think this gives operators and affiliated companies in this domain?</h2><p>Maxim: " At its inception, legalization has made the rules of the game precise and transparent for all competitors, and this factor is now already actively drawing a lot of new companies to our market, both advertisers and affiliates. Now the market is gradually replenished with capital, while competition and the cost of traffic are increasing. Media affiliates are bound to experience market overload, but this can be compensated by an increase in rates on affiliate programs.</p><h2>AI: In your opinion, what are the main problems that brands will encounter when approaching the Ukrainian market? And how can they cope with these challenges?</h2><p>"In the gambling industry of Ukraine, there are two major operators, and gamblers are pretty loyal to them, yet, Ukrainian bettors are still willing to accept the trusted global brands, and therefore, new international companies have good possibilities here.</p><p>And, as noted, with the legalization, traffic costs will increase, so a new operator will likely require a substantial marketing budget in both the online and offline advertising segments in order to market the new brand."</p><h2>AI: What other industry markets do you think will considerably grow in 2021/22?</h2><p>Maxim: "All of the top economies are heavily regulated by the state, and that is why I suggest targeting the second-world countries. As far as the geographies are concerned, they are South America, Asia, and Africa.”</p>” _made_with_builder=”true”][/text_block]
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