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GR8 Tech Academy

GR8 Tech Academy
GR8 Tech Academy GR8 Tech Academy


GR8 Tech Academy is an international educational project of the company, which offers technical courses and training both for beginners only dreaming of an IT career, and for practitioners seeking to improve their knowledge.

We are always one step ahead, we use data on future technical professions in all countries of the world specially prepared for us by experts, therefore we offer an educational program that will be crucial in the future and in demand at present.

GR8 Tech Academy
GR8 Tech Academy

GR8 Tech Academy is a ticket to your technical future. We provide affordable and unique knowledge to everyone who wants to BE GREAT in their impressive projects.

Our student is a marathoner who is not afraid of making mistakes, who is not afraid of changes, who is a brave team player, who is not guided by any prejudices, but who is oriented only to victories! He is an adult with basic coding skills and no commercial experience. Our students can be students from Ukraine and other democratic countries of the world.

Training is carried out in the Blended learning format, which provides that students will independently study the theory using video lessons and learn practical cases under expert mentorship by means of live online communication.

The duration of training is from 4 months, after which the best graduates have their in-depth training in the company, which lasts for three months.



Available languages: Ukrainian, English

Our principles

#Effectiveness: We put effectiveness first. We created our own approach based on the analysis of the most effective practices in learning how to code.
#Personal Approach:
#Personal Approach: We help you to discover yourself and create a personalized learning experience for every student.
#Soft Skills:
#Soft Skills: We’re focused not only on giving knowledge, but also on incorporating 4C skills.
#Synergy: Our approach is based on covering both theory, to widen the mindset, and practice; with a full support of our experts, plenty of teamwork projects and the most interesting real-life cases.
#Teamwork: Effective communication, collaboration and critical thinking.
#Values and Culture:
#Values and Culture: A deep dive into company culture and entrepreneurship.


On-Entry Assessment:

The applicant must be at least 18 years of age. 😉

We make sure to conduct a thorough on-entry assessment, paying attention to the skill-set. Since the program is free of charge, we’re looking for talented and hard-working students. 

The assessment will show if a student has a knack and basic skills for programming. Apart from that, each student will go through an interview with a potential mentor to discuss the motivation behind applying and future opportunities within the program. 

Each student will be assessed both individually and as a member of the group. Students with the lowest grades will be eliminated. Students with the best performance will be awarded.

Can I pass an on-entry assessment remotely?

Yes, an on-entry assessment will be held online:

Make sure you have a stable internet connection and are able to place or receive video calls.

What’s an on-entry assessment?

An on-entry assessment is divided into 4 stages. 

Stage 1: Application form that helps us understand the motivation behind applying and your readiness to devote the time and resources.

Stage 2: Skills test that helps us identify if you have a knack for programming. 

Stage 3: Programming test that helps us understand your level. 

Stage 4: English language test

Stage 5: Online interview in Zoom to get to know you better and help us identify which program is your perfect match.

Can I edit submitted responses?

Each stage and each task will have its time limits and requirements. Once the response is submitted it will be considered as a final decision by the student. Responses submitted once will not be altered or modified. Please make sure to check your responses before submitting.

Will GR8 Tech Academy provide scholarships?

GR8 Tech Academy is free of charge. After completing the basic course and upon beginning the internship, we will provide the scholarship. More details will be communicated later on.

Will I be able to join GR8 Tech?

For sure. The best graduates of GR8 Tech Academy will receive an offer according to their skills and open vacancies.

Whom can I contact, in case of questions?

Please, send your inquiries to the e-mail: [email protected]