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12 main features of “Employer of Choice”

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12 main features of “Employer of Choice”

With each year corporate culture becomes more and more popular in huge, innovative companies. Employers take care of inside the company`s life and invest a lot of different recourses in their employees.

That’s why Parimatch keeps an eye on the pulse of events and always creates new activities for their «working family».

The Human Resources team of Parimatch, headed by the Group HR Director, Marianna Chatziantoniou organized a corporate, an outdoor game on April 3, 2018, attended by the Senior Management and all employees of Parimatch.

The lost treasure hunt took place in the center of Limassol (Old Town, Molos area and Limassol Marina). The group participants had a "mission" to complete the game, compete and work together to solve the puzzles as a team.

The objective of Human Resources Group (Ms. Marianna Chatziantoniou, Katerina Psyllou, Christoforos Attikouri, and Rafael Meliniotis) was to encourage cooperation, communication, strategy, and teamwork, enhancing the interpersonal skills of the employees together with improving collaboration!

An "Employer of Choice" is an employer that offers a corporate culture and work environment that attracts and retains the best talents. The characteristics of the particular work environment benefit the well-being and the right balance of work and personal life of employees and customers of a company.

Moreover, that's precisely the primary purpose of Parimatch! Becoming an "Employer of Choice" in the Cypriot market.

It is important to note that not all "Employers of Choice" match each employee. For example, Google is known to be the "Employer of Choice." However, there are examples of people who do not like Google's corporate culture because they feel they are obliged to engage in social activities that do not interest or match them. Of course, other employees of the same company enjoy the Google culture environment.

Parimatch is Employer of Choice!

"Employers of Choice" have much in common. Their main feature is that they are not the same to different employees. To be happy and work in harmony an employee has to find his own "Employer of Choice" - whatever that means.

The "Employer of Choice" attempts to provide an employee with the salary and benefits equal or even higher to those on the market. Most "Employers of Choice" offer a competitive pay package, add benefits to their employees, such as health insurance, paid sick leaves and holidays. Some employers can be recognized as "Employers of Choice" without these assets. However, they should have a strong vision in place.

"Employer of Choice" key roles:

Job security: Employees feel confident that their employer is financially healthy and they do not worry about losing their jobs. Instead, they focus on their goals and core tasks without worrying about job security.

Empowerment and Authority: Employees have the power to make decisions and take responsibility for their work. They also know and have at their disposal the strategy of the company. They control their choices and the performance of the core responsibilities which makes progress in their goals.

Respect: Employee may not always be right, and his/her ideas do not determine the direction and choices of the company, but with an "Employer of Choice," employee feels the respect from the superiors and colleagues, regardless of his/her position, gender, age, and nationality.

Opportunity for Growth: From an “Employer of Choice”, employees feel encouraged to continue to develop their skills and careers. These employers offer planning of employee performance development and the opportunities for internal and external training. Assigning their work from the management side helps them to expand their skills.

Access to Information: "Employers of Choice" share information with employees and this leads to the successful strategy outlined above. Employees feel like they are members of the team because they know what's going on.

Commitment: “Employers of Choice” are committed to their employees and customers. This is reflected in many areas, in particular in Human Resources policies. The engagement is applied to strategies for retaining and motivating employees, for example, with free meals and drinks or corporate events.

Involvement: In an “Employer of Choice” company, employees feel they have the opportunity to participate, make suggestions, think new products or service innovations, serve in employee committees to plan their events and company strategies, attend appropriate meetings and give advice on working processes that affect the company's strategy.

Positive Relationships with Coworkers: The Gallup survey finds that employees are likely to have a good friend at work. On a larger scale, in an "Employer of Choice," collaborators enjoy working together. The organization treats a bad boss before he or she can adversely affect employees and the culture of work. Remember that workers usually leave bosses more than anything else in their workplace. They resign from their bosses rather than from the company.

Work-Life Balance: An "Employer of Choice" provides privileges for work-life balance, such as flexible working hours, allowing employees to work uninterruptedly from their family and personal life events. These privileges minimize workers' stress levels and help them achieve the challenges of life more efficiently.

Performance-Culture: An "Employer of Choice" finds ways to link the performance and interests of employees to those of the employer. For example, creating a reward system allows to reward employees` performance accordingly and provides regular guidance and feedback to them.

Fairness: Perceptions of unfair treatment or workplace that favors certain persons over others for unknown and unclear reasons is a feature that does not exist in an "Employer of Choice." Employers must develop and implement their policies fairly, treat employees equally and make clear guidelines in the workplace.

Recognition: “Employers of Choice” provide feedback to employees about their performance, growth prospects, achievements, and aspects that need improvement. One of the most potent forms of motivation is the recognition of workers. For an "Employer of Choice, "attention is systematic, aims at real success and is used to enhance positive, desirable behavior while helping them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Of course, we indicated not all the characteristics of an "Employer of Choice," but if we consider that we will achieve a significant number of the above in our company, we are on the right track to successfully become an "Employer of Choice" that attracts and retains the best talents! Reputation as a good employer will surely yield from the preference of Human Resources. Companies must dare to become “Employers of Choice” to be able to have their talents and potential candidates. That is precisely what we aim to achieve in Parimatch!

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